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Bardal engine oil – a promoted brand or working technology?


Today, motor oils from various manufacturers are represented on the domestic market, one of them is Bardahl oil. The company offers various types of motor oil to our market, which is quite popular among motorists.

1 Features of the innovative Polar Plus Fullerence technology

Bardahl was founded in 1939 and was originally a laboratory for the development of additives and components ideally suited for engines of various racing series. Over time, the laboratory began to expand, and the company’s specialists developed a unique formula, which was called Post Fullerrence C60 and is still used in the production of motor and transmission oils for cars and other types of equipment.

Bardal engine oil - a promoted brand or working technology?

Bardal’s technology is based on a formula of ions that have a positive charge, which allows them to be attracted to metal surfaces. They form a strong oil film that protects metal parts from corrosion. This contributes to the smooth running of parts even under high loads.

Bardal engine oil - a promoted brand or working technology?

Bardal oils for smooth operation of parts under high loads

Another feature of the technology is "fullerenes", molecules that are a kind of microbearings that can create something like a buffer zone between the metal surfaces of the engine at the moment of friction.

Therefore, the parts are completely protected from corrosion and increased friction. Bardal is the only company in our market that uses this technology in all engine oil models.

2 Overview of Bardahl engine oils

Today, Bardahl offers several series of motor oils on the current market, which differ in composition and scope.

XTR C60 Racing is an exclusive series designed specifically for racing car engines. Such oil is widely used in the Grand Prix series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and even in Formula 1. The XTR 60 Racing 10W60 and 20W60 models are on our market. They are mainly used in large volume and high power engines, such as V8 and V12 gasoline engines, especially recommended for American-made engines.

Bardal engine oil - a promoted brand or working technology?

Bardal XTR C60 RacingTechnos C60 S series oil is a series of engine oils and additives with a reduced content of sulfur, sulphated ash and phosphorus compounds. It is used in the latest generation engines, which use the latest exhaust gas purification and filtration systems. Thanks to a special formulation in the composition, the oil has a high degree of viscosity, and due to special protective additives it provides anti-corrosion properties and protects various engine components.

The XTC C60 series are premium oils for cars and trucks designed for everyday use. This series has become the most common in our country due to the universal formula in composition and relatively affordable price compared to the prices of other well-known manufacturers in our market.

Bardal engine oil - a promoted brand or working technology?

XTC C60 Series Premium OilThe oils of this series are universal, they are suitable for both gasoline and diesel versions of engines of different sizes, with turbocharging or direct fuel injection. The most popular oil is XTC C60 5W40 with a fully synthetic PAO formula, which can significantly improve the efficiency of engine oil use in various conditions. It has a higher viscosity level, which reduces friction in the engine system and increases service life.

Bardahl is also known in our market as a manufacturer of quality additives for various applications.

3 Comparative test of fully synthetic motor oils

Shell Helix Ultra, ZIC XQ Fully, Bardahl XTC C60 and ELF Excellium D brands participated in the test. The test was carried out on a special stand that simulates engine operation in 15,000 km mode. This mileage is the same service interval at which an oil change is required. It was not necessary to add oil for the entire distance, 0.5-0.7 liters of ZIC engine oil was wasted, and other manufacturers participating in the test “wasted" more than a liter.

Bardal engine oil - a promoted brand or working technology?

Bardahl XTC C60 oil test All brands of motor oils that participated in the test showed good results. As for Bardal oil, the test showed only minor deviations from the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. The minimum high-temperature deposits and the complete absence of iron content in the used oil were revealed. Also during the test, there was a slight decrease in fuel consumption, by 2.3 percent. Overall, Bardahl oil showed excellent thermal and oxidative properties, which confirms the effectiveness of the Polar Plus formula used by the manufacturer.

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