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Crossover Link and Co 01 – new from Geely and Volvo


The new crossover Link and CO 01 2017-2018 – photos and videos of the first news, equipment and technical capabilities of the radical new vehicles of the Geely Automobiles Group, jointly created by specialists from Geely and Volvo in the Sino-European Automotive Technology Center (China Euro Vehicle Technology), located in Sweden. On October 20, 2016, in Gothenburg, Sweden, the official presentation of the first-born of the new Link and Co. crossover brand with the simple name 01 took place. The car is new in mid-2017, will be produced in China by the end of next year and will be available to owners of Chinese cars. About the launch of its new Chinese-Swedish SUV in America and Europe is scheduled for early 2018… pricehas not yet been announced, but according to preliminary estimates, they range from 20 to 22 thousand euros.

I want to note right away that after the 01 crossover, the Chinese-Swedish brand Link & Co plans to introduce models 02 and 03 next year, respectively, with a hatchback and a sedan.

Crossover Link and Co 01 - new from Geely and Volvo

The new crossover Link and KO 01, however, as a platform, in the Volvo XC40, which will premiere in early 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show, is based on the latest modular platform of the C-segment modular architecture (MHM), which allows it to be used in internal engines combustion (gasoline and diesel) and equipped vehicle with a hybrid power plant or to create a fully electric model.

Crossover Link and Co 01 - new from Geely and Volvo

According to the CEO of Geely Automobiles Group Mr. Chonghe Ana (Conghui C), the new crossover Link and KO 01 is the most connected car in the world today: in the presence of a constant and uninterrupted connection to the global network and private cloud services. By the way, the sale, rental and maintenance of new items are planned exclusively via the Internet.

The exterior of the auto novelty body can be safely called original and stylish. The compact crossover looks fresh, modern and bright, so much so that they can easily attract genuine interest to their person. In the presence of a three-story villa with front lighting, a compact false radiator grille and a sleek front bumper.

In profile, the body of the new Sino-Swedish crossover shows fashionable compact overhangs and excellent wheel arch radius, sporty relief of the sidewalls, a floating roof line with an original color insert.

The stern of the car is elegantly shaped with headlights, marker lights, stylish design of the trunk lid and a massive front bumper, complemented by cannons, exhaust nozzles.
It should be noted that the headlights and fog lights, rear and brake lights are LED content.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the crossover Link and KO 01 2017-2018 are 4530 mm long, 1855 mm wide, and 1654 mm high, the wheelbase is 2730 mm and the ground clearance is 200 mm.

The five-seater interior of the car meets the driver and passengers with high-quality materials, precise assembly and installation of interior and surprisingly comfortable first-row seats with integrated head restraints and an anatomical seat profile (electric adjustments, heating, ventilation and even a massage function), a comfortable second row with an enviable supply of free space above the head and at the feet.

Crossover Link and Co 01 - new from Geely and Volvo

Digital multifunction instrument cluster with color display, 3 wide spoke multifunction steering wheel, infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and MirrorLink support with 10.1" touch screen, climate control unit, intuitive control unit.

Crossover Link and Co 01 - new from Geely and Volvo

On software innovation specialists from Alibaba, Ericsson and Microsoft. Interestingly, the car has an open application programming interface (API), which allows third-party programmers to add, enrich and modify multimedia capabilities, so to speak, to their taste.

The specifications of Link & Co dated 01 2017-2018 have not yet been officially disclosed. According to preliminary information, from the start of sales of the new crossover will be available with a three-cylinder petrol engine 1.5 turbo (150 hp) with four-cylinder 2.0-liter diesel (180 hp) with 6-speed or robot 7 DCT. Front wheel drive and optional all wheel drive.
A hybrid version of the crossover with a 1.5-liter petrol engine and a 55kW electric motor and an all-electric version of the SUV are at an advanced stage of development and will debut in 2018-2019.

Link & Co from 01 2017-2018 test video

Post source: wekauto.ru

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