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Mudguards for Renault Logan – a reliable accessory to protect the body!


Renault Logan wings are not available in many trim levels offered by dealers in our country. However, this part is necessary to protect the car, so let’s see how to choose and install them.

1 Why install splash guards?

Many still believe that driving without wings is not risky, so installing these elements on your car is not necessary. This opinion is erroneous, since without these details the risk of icing in winter increases, the car body is constantly polluted, arches deteriorate from flying objects falling under the wheels of the car.

Mudguards for Renault Logan - a reliable accessory to protect the body!

Wings for Renault Logan

The main function of these parts on Renault Logan and any other passenger car or SUV is to prevent dirt, winter jet snow, small stones and other objects from getting on the body.

It is also necessary for the safety of other road users. In addition, the fenders partially perform the function of anti-corrosion protection of the front and rear body elements. When using them, the resistance of the elements of the lower part and wheel arches to rust is significantly increased.

2 Which mudguards to choose for your car?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the composition of the material from which the parts are made, and to the manufacturer.

Typically, Renault Logan wings are made of rubber, polyurethane or ABS plastic. Rubber fenders have the best flexibility and versatility of use, but are less resistant to temperature changes, hence the lower wear resistance of rubber products. Plastic ones are considered to be more durable and versatile, however, the lack of flexibility can cause damage when colliding with any obstacle on the road, such as a high curb, etc.

Mudguards for Renault Logan - a reliable accessory to protect the body!

rubber fenders

In addition to the composition and method of manufacture, fenders are also often divided into universal and original parts. The original wings for Logan are more expensive, but more reliable, as they are made for a specific brand of car with an appropriate design and reliable fasteners. Universal ones are suitable for various types of cars, have a more affordable price, but are slightly inferior in quality to the original.

Universal fenders from manufacturers such as Norplast, Novline, L.Locker and others are suitable for the Renault Logan model. Accessories from these manufacturers have a good price-quality ratio. There are cheaper options for universal fenders, but their quality is usually much lower.

3 Do-it-yourself installation of mudguards on a Renault Logan car

The front and rear fenders are easy enough to install on the car yourself. To do this, you will need a minimum set of tools and a set of new original or universal wings, for example, Novline, with detailed instructions and all the necessary fasteners included. From the tools for removal and installation you will need:

  • standard set of keys
  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers,
  • Torx bits in T20 and T30.

To remove the left or right front fender on Logan, unscrew the factory bolt that secures it to the front locker. Next, unscrew the two screws that attach the fender liner to the car bumper, and then another piston that attaches it to the cross member. Regardless of whether it is a standard or universal right wing, it is installed on Logan in the reverse order to the standard brackets on the locker and cross member. For a more secure fixation, especially for universal parts, you can also drill a hole in the gap and fix them with a self-tapping screw and washer from the kit.

To install the rear fenders (which are not included in any of the configurations), you need to put the car on a jack, for convenience, remove the wheel and rear fender. To do this, unscrew the two screws that hold the bumper and one additional bolt that holds the rear arch. The rear fenders are cut into the hood, according to the installation instructions, with 6 self-tapping screws with washers from the kit. First you need to carefully drill holes in the cabinet. This completes the installation of the front and rear wings for Renault Logan. The left and right fenders are installed in the same way, there are no differences during installation.

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