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First royal cars


British royalty love to drive on their own and have been doing it for a long time before they were royalty! And in this they are at least somewhat similar to us, they also loved their first cars – of course, the vehicles were not the most glamorous or luxurious cars and probably fit into the category of budget cars, not the list of supercars, but my God they were amazing! And long before Princess Diana and Kate Middleton joined the British royal family and started driving the expensive cars we associate with royalty, their cars were much more modest. These are the cars that British royalty used to drive around.

First royal cars

Meghan Markle’s first car, the Ford Explorer Sport

It may not be Meghan’s very first car, but before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s mode of transport was a "beaten, hand-crafted Ford Explorer sport" that sounded like a "steamboat engine."

First royal cars

“The clicker didn’t open the front doors and I couldn’t afford to fix this car and that’s how I got from one audition to the next."

she said at the Create & Culture conference in 2016.

So I literally start going to these auditions, park in the back parking lot, open the trunk and crawl into the back seat of my car to drive to the next audition.

Princess Diana’s first car – Austin Mini Metro L

Nicknamed Princess Diana, then 19-year-old Diana Spencer often hung around the city in her beloved Metro when she was first introduced to Prince Charles.

First royal cars

This car, with only 30,000 miles on it, sold at auction in the 90s for £6,000 and can now be found at the Coventry Transport Museum.

The first car of the Duchess of Cambridge is a Volkswagen Golf

Kate bought her £10,000 blue Volkswagen Golf in 2001, and the Duchess used it while she was at the University of St Andrews with Prince William – he was often seen driving the car.

First royal cars

In 2007, Kate switched to Audi and gave the keys to her golf course to her brother James, who sold it for £1,400.

Sarah Ferguson’s first car – BMW 316

Sarah Ferguson’s BMW was not just an old factory car – it had an owl mascot on the hood. She was often seen driving around Clapham in her boomer until she married Prince Andrew in 1986.

First royal cars

The first car of the Countess of Wessex – Morris Minor

Sophie’s first car, a used maroon Morris Minor, was bought for her by her then-boyfriend Jeremy Barkley in 1988.

First royal cars

She only owned it for a year before selling it, and it fetched £4,600 at auction in 2013. Currently, she and her husband Prince Edward prefer the large, comfortable Land Rover interiors for family outings.


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