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Found the cutest abandoned car. He’s so sorry


You know, in winter, many things become more pronounced. In particular, this applies to abandoned cars that are idle without movement and any attention from the owner (if any).

It was a real discovery for me that there are more abandoned cars in our cities than I expected.

Some look very good, although they clearly show signs of being abandoned.

I recently came across this little car. It is one of the cutest abandoned cars I have ever seen in my life.

This crumb stands in one of the most ordinary yards between several residential buildings.

It can be seen that the snow has not been removed from the car since the beginning of winter. It’s a pity that someone abandoned this cool little car.

If you still do not understand, then we have a Japanese kei-class minivan Suzuki Wagon R + of the very first generation.

Found the cutest abandoned car. He's so sorry

The release started in 1993 and continues to this day, though the model has already changed six generations!

The car has proportions that are rather unusual for our eyes: it is narrow, but tall.

Its length is 3295 mm, width – 1395 mm, and height – 1640 mm. Yes, its height is greater than its width, so dangerous maneuvers on it must be done carefully.

In addition, small wheels strive to break, especially if you fall into some deep hole.

But there will definitely be no problems with maneuverability.

Found the cutest abandoned car. He's so sorry

The Suzuki Wagon R used the same 660cc three-cylinder F6A engines as the more familiar Suzuki Alto.

Initially, the Suzuki Wagon R was produced in a four-door version with two doors on the left side and one door on the right.

This option looks rather strange, I must admit. Here, see for yourself:

Found the cutest abandoned car. He's so sorry

In August 1996, a more standard five-door variant became available, which soon replaced the previous body style.

For the 1994 model year, the Suzuki Wagon R was awarded "Car of the Year" at a conference of automotive researchers and journalists in Japan.

In September 1994, the twin brother of the Autozam AZ Wagon was introduced. This model was sold through the Mazda Autozam network under an OEM contract. After April 1997, this version was renamed Mazda AZ Wagon.

Found the cutest abandoned car. He's so sorry

The Suzuki Wagon R+ was added to the range in early 1997 and was produced in Japan until the end of 2000. It was these cars that were supplied to the European market.

The car was distinguished by a wider body and a four-cylinder naturally aspirated K10A engine with a displacement of 996 cubic centimeters or a K12A with a volume of 1.2 liters.

Wagon R + had one peculiarity – its body was not galvanized, so it rusted rather quickly, especially in many conditions.

Found the cutest abandoned car. He's so sorry

That is why I would advise the owners of such cars to be sure to clean them from snow in winter.

And it is better to store in a warm dry garage. Otherwise, you will greatly shorten the life of your car.

I think I’ll go and shovel the snow off this poor fellow tomorrow. It’s a pity…


Post source: wekauto.ru

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