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Chrysler is going to update the Pacifica: all-wheel drive will be an option


Previously, the model was not released for a long time due to production problems. Now the American brand is preparing its minivan for the 2022 model year.

The Chrysler brand is now owned by the auto giant Stellantis, which was formed earlier this year as a result of the merger of the FCA concern and the PSA group. The brand in the home market has been experiencing a continuous “minus” since 2016. According to the results of the “covid” 2020, dealers sold 110,464 cars in the USA, which is 13% less than a year earlier. For comparison, during 2015, customers bought 324,846 copies, and 2005 remains the top brand for the brand (almost 650 thousand cars were sold). This year, the market is recovering from the crisis, so the brand has a “plus”: in the first half, 58,637 cars were sold, which is 33.3% more than in January-June 2020.

Chrysler is going to update the Pacifica: all-wheel drive will be an option

In the photo: the current Chrysler Pacifica

The performance of the Pacifica minivan in the home market has been declining for a couple of years. So, in 2020, the model sold 93,802 copies (4% less than a year earlier). This year, the car is still showing positive dynamics: in January-June, 47,571 units were sold in the States. (33.6% more than in the first six months).

Over the past few months, Chrysler has experienced production problems: at some point, the release of the Pacifica at the Windsor assembly plant in Ontario (Canada) was completely temporarily stopped due to a shortage of components. The company noted that the demand for the minivan is still high, now they are preparing a Pacifica variant of the 2022 model year.

Chrysler is going to update the Pacifica: all-wheel drive will be an option

It is reported that after the update, the top versions of the model will come standard with front-wheel drive, and the AWD system will be an option for them. It is assumed that this will allow the manufacturer to make the price of a minivan with a rich level of equipment more affordable.

In foreign media, such a step was called quite justified, because many customers do not need all-wheel drive. It is curious that he appeared at Pacifica only last year, and then it was reported that at the request of users who did not want to change to crossovers.

Chrysler is going to update the Pacifica: all-wheel drive will be an option

The base 2022 Chrysler Pacifica front-wheel drive Chrysler Pacifica will start at $48,320 (equivalent to about 3.52 million conventional units at current exchange rates), according to MoparInsiders. The AWD option is likely to cost $50,915 (about 3.71 million conventional units). It is assumed that the richest version of a minivan with FWD will cost $52,775 (about 3.85 million conventional units), and with an all-wheel drive system – at least $55,370 (about 4.04 million conventional units).

As part of the update, by 2022, all cars will receive a special “winter package”, which will be included in the list of standard equipment. It includes heated driver and front passenger seats, as well as a heated steering wheel. Various versions will add other functions, including security systems.

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