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Jaguar thinks about a break: in this case, new products can not wait until 2025


The British firm, owned by India’s Tata Motors, plans to ‘reverse’ the Jaguar brand.

The Jaguar brand has shown negative dynamics in the European market over the past two years. Moreover, if in 2019 the brand lost only 8.8%, then according to the results of “covid" 2020, the “minus” was already 36.8% (all old-world retailers sold 48,571 pieces). This year, the situation has not changed: between January and September, Jaguar sold 30,989 vehicles, which is 11.1% less than in the first three quarters of last year.

Jaguar thinks about a break: in this case, new products can not wait until 2025

Pictured: Jaguar F-Pace SVR

it is possible that in the near future for the British brand there will be a period of "calm", according to the French edition of Le Monde. Jaguar is not expected to introduce new products until 2025 at the earliest. At the same time, after this period, the brand is expected to produce only electric vehicles and compete with luxury Aston Martin and Bentley.

It’s worth mentioning that JLR CEO Thierry Bollor said earlier this year that the company intends to "reverse" the Jaguar brand. According to him, the SUV segment will be entrusted to Land Rover, and the cars that received the “big cat” logo will be fundamentally different. Then, in early spring, it was assumed that the brand would enter the segment of luxury small productions.

Jaguar thinks about a break: in this case, new products can not wait until 2025

Photo: Jaguar brand logo

As we noted earlier, the new Jaguar models will be significantly more expensive, but their performance levels will also be higher and the finishes will be more luxurious. Another corporate identity will be developed by the company’s chief designer Jerry McGovern: the design will not contain any references to predecessors or retro motifs. Jaguar’s future electric vehicles are expected to be based on a new electric platform that the company intends to procure from a third-party supplier (negotiations are already underway, but a decision will not be made shortly after design approval for future models).

At the same time, the current MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform, developed for both electric and hybrid vehicles, will be fully transferred to the Land Rover brand in the future. It will also get a pure EMA (Electric Modular Architecture) "cart". As a result of all the changes, Jaguar and Land Rover will no longer have brothers.

Jaguar thinks about a break: in this case, new products can not wait until 2025

Pictured: Jaguar I-Pace

The company intends to follow its plan very seriously: in accordance with it, it previously “turned off” several promising projects. So, literally at the final stage of development, work on the flagship electric liftback Jaguar XJ was canceled. Another leak is the seven-seater Jaguar J-Pace crossover, which was supposed to share the MLA platform with the XJ. Also consigned to oblivion are Jaguar’s plans to revive compact cars.

According to preliminary data, the new "green" line of Jaguar will include a single crossover, which will replace the I-Pace. However, the company is likely to get rid of the F-Pace and E-Pace at some stage of the brand reform. Note that in 2020, 11,026 and 14,847 such crossovers were produced in Europe, respectively. That is, their combined share in the structure of Jaguar sales in the old market amounted to more than 53%.

According to the French edition, Jaguar will not only refuse to release new products in the coming years, but will also gradually reduce the production of current products due to a more "modest" choice of engines and equipment. This plan includes, among other things, reducing costs and reducing the workforce. Thus, by 2026, Jaguar’s production capacity will be 25% lower than today.

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