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Renault is preparing to launch electric vehicles


No one can hide from the electric future. So Renault has joined the process of developing alternative fuels and presents the concept of a new generation of electric vehicles – Renault Morphoz. It is worth noting that these are not just variations on the theme of the distant future, but the image of models that will be released from 2021. In particular, a large family SUV on the new CMF-EV platform should be released in the spring of 2022.

New European emission limits require Renault to accelerate the electrification of its range. While the company can only offer a few models, the new Zoé in 2019, the Renault Twingo ZE is expected at the end of 2020. In the spring of 2021, we should expect the appearance of an electric Dacia. By the end of 2022, the range will be eight electric vehicles, including the commercial Kangoo and Master ZE. This plan is based on the all-new CMF-EV electric platform announced in October 2017, which will include segments B, C and D (from city cars to family cars) thanks to multiple wheelbases, track widths and vehicle architecture.

The main task of the manufacturer is to maintain a price niche when switching to electricity. Therefore, Renault will not go into the race for maximum battery capacity, since the battery is a key share in the cost of new cars. The brand will aim for an optimal range of 550 to 600 km.

Renault is preparing to launch electric vehicles

Of course, the Morphoz concept itself will be different from Renault’s production models, it is painfully futuristic, but it features many specific elements that will move to the new lineup.

The Morphoz design shows Renault’s new signature DNA. Interestingly, the concept does not change the proportions of the internal combustion engine car we are used to. Although electric cars no longer require a large engine compartment, and it can be used to increase interior space. The car has the usual proportions of a crossover, with a now fashionable low roof. Ahead is a recognizable C-shaped branded optics, reinforced with LED strips.

Renault is preparing to launch electric vehicles

On the rear we see a continuous light block and although this is a trend of many car manufacturers, it also suits the French.

The interior is decided more boldly. The concept of transformation is shown, which concerns not only the interior space, but also the position of the seats. In City mode, the Renault Concept measures 4.40 m. In this configuration, the 40 kWh battery is placed under the floor. It is equipped with a 134 hp engine. and promises 400 km of run. But when going on vacation, the Morphoz switches to Travel mode and reaches a length of 4.80 m. The trunk increases to provide more space for passengers and more luggage, but especially in the front, where the transformation is done, with the wheelbase stretched from 2 .73 m to 2.93 m, which can accommodate an additional 50 kWh battery.

The passenger seat can be rotated at the push of a button so people can sit across from each other, but the driver’s seat will always stay in place. These will not be fully autonomous cars, the driver in any case must be ready to take control at any time.

Renault is preparing to launch electric vehicles

Renault is considering getting rid of the instrument panel entirely, seeing digital screens as a distraction from the road. The main information can, if desired, be displayed on the steering wheel with a large display in the center. It can be turned off, then the readings will be displayed on the L-shaped panel. Considering such crossovers as a family car, the company envisions a technology where each passenger will be able to listen to their own music without disturbing others. This will be achieved through a new sound technology that will be aimed at one passenger and isolated from others. Eco-materials created from recycled raw materials were used in the interior decoration. French designers have combined the concept of flexibility with ecological components inside. A good example is the center console, which runs the length of the dashboard, like the spinal cord. Its top layer is a thin sheet of wood on flexible latex, so we put a mobile phone in it, the car detects its presence and can match it with the artificial intelligence that controls Morphoz’s systems.

Renault is preparing to launch electric vehicles

The novelty was supposed to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, but alas, it was canceled due to the virus. Therefore, while Renault shows us teasers posted on the global network. But the future is near, and in a couple of years, perhaps we will see these cars on public roads.


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