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Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats


An inexpensive car is the Triber Renault microvan (Renault Triber), created by the joint efforts of Indian and French specialists from the Renault brand in India. Review of Renault Triber 2019-2020 – news, photos and videos, price and full technical specifications of Renault Triber with an overall body length of less than 4 meters, and a cab for 7 seats.

And here you can read the reviews of our readers and owners of Renault Triber 2019-2020.

Cheap new Renault Triber microven overlooking the Indian market in the second half of 2019 at a price of 530 thousand rupees (just over 480 thousand conventional units) and will compete in the local market with Datsun Cross. By the way, in India, Renault is one of the key markets where the French plan to sell more than 200,000 cars by 2022.

The new Renault modular platform Triber SMF-A is related to the new budget hatchback Renault Kwid. The Microvan Renault Tribes (some publications call the new crossbar) is significantly larger than its platform brother Renault Quid at 311mm long, 160mm wide, 165mm high, with an increase of 214mm and 2mm in ground clearance.

  • The external body dimensions of the Renault Triber 2019-2020 are 3990 mm, width 1934 mm (including outside rear-view mirrors), 1662 mm high, wheelbase 2636 mm and 182 mm ground clearance.
  • Front wheel track – rear 1547 mm Track – 1545 mm.
  • For the new budget Renault offers 14-inch steel and 15-inch (steel and alloy) rims with tires 165/80 R14 and 185/65 R15 on.
  • The curb weight of the car is only 974 kg.

The exterior of the body in the Renault Triber is typically French, and this fact is not surprising, because the creation of a model appearance is the chief designer of Renault Laurens van den Acker. The new microvan looks stylish and modern, showing a harmonious three-volume body, complemented by bright design solutions. In the Arsenal, the newcomers have a bright rack with branded filtration bars of the French brand, compact headlights and a powerful bumper, complemented by LED daytime running lights, a large air intake and a plastic protective body kit.

Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seatsRenault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats
Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats
Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats

The side exterior of the new Renault showcases a perimeter wheel body, a miniature hood, a flat roof, a hard, drawn up window sill line, wind-blown surface-mounted panels, large wheel arch cutouts and solid poop.

The rear part of the body, despite its conciseness, looks attractive and stylish. In the presence of large, horizontally positioned ceiling marker lights, a rear door with an original relief and compact glass, complemented by a tiny lock, and a miniature black bumper that is resistant to minor plastic damage. Protective plastic pads protect the lower part of the bumper, the edges of the wheel arches and the bottom of the doors.

Salon standard Renault Triber 5-seater with two rows of seats and a luggage compartment designed for 625 liters. In addition, the luggage compartment has enough storage space for small items in the cabin with a total volume of 31 liters.

Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seatsRenault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats
Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats
Renault Triber 2019 – new observation for 7 seats

For an additional fee, the third row of seats, which allows you to place a budget microvena, or if you want to have a crosshaven for 7 people, including the driver. But in the 7-seater configuration, the trunk volume tends to zero and is only 84 liters. A little? It doesn’t matter, because the roof has rails that can carry loads up to 50kg.

On my own, I note that regardless of the configuration of the Renault tribal interior with two or three rows of seats, the space inside a budget car is frankly small. And how can you make a roomy cabin if the total body length is only 3990 mm. this size is a necessary measure. According to Indian law, cars shorter than 4 meters are subject to serious tax breaks, and the final price of the car in the market is the leading argument for buying.

Despite the modest price tag, the Renault Triber’s interior looks good. Of course, budget materials, the steering wheel is rustic and the basic equipment is modest, but the instrument panel is digital, the seats in the first row with excellent lateral support, while the second and third rows are individual ventilation deflectors.

The most packaged configurations of Renault Tribes flaunt 4 airbags, a multimedia system with an 8-inch color touch screen, air conditioning, a rear-view camera and parking sensors, a keyless entry system with an engine start / stop button, LED daytime running lights, 15-inch alloy disks, electric windows of all doors and rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment.

Specifications Renault Triber

The modular platform of the CMF is a core micro-vein of Reno Tribes, stretched and strengthened. The suspension scheme is simple and low cost. MacPherson is installed in front, the rear beam works in bending. Front wheel drive by default.

  • Under the hood of the new Renault microvena Triber, a non-alternative three-cylinder gasoline engine 1.0 GKP (72 hp and 92 Nm) is paired with a 5 manual transmission or a simple flower is offered for a fee with a 5-speed robotic gearbox.

According to preliminary information, in 2020, a more powerful turbocharged diesel engine – 100 hp – will be prescribed in the Renault Triber engine compartment. with. 1.0 TVK in tandem with 5 speed manual or Xtronic CVT.

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