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New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine


Range Rover’s flagship has entered its fifth generation. The new L460 SUV, although similar to the previous L405, is actually a different vehicle on a new platform that brings a lot of innovation. And the characteristic profile, side windows and low threshold line are just a tribute to traditions that have been preserved for more than half a century.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

Two body options

As before, the Range Rover is offered in two variants, both 53mm longer than previous vehicles, and the wheelbase has been extended by 75mm. In the standard version with a length of 5052 mm, the distance between the axles is 2997 mm. The extended version stretches the same 200mm as the previous generation: 5252mm long, 3197mm base. At the same time, the SUV has become 35 mm higher: 1870 mm in the standard suspension position.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

The new aluminum body is 50% stiffer than the previous one (33,000 Nm/deg). For reasons of visual "cleanliness", the number of seams and seams was reduced, the space between the body panels was reduced, and the difference in relief between the glass and their frames was minimized to create a single visual plane. The drag coefficient has been reduced from 0.34 to 0.30, mainly due to flaps and floor pads that reduce air turbulence, and active dampers to cool the brakes (they only open when needed). And the maximum wheel diameter is now not 22, but 23 inches.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

The design of the stern has changed more noticeably, but a separate rear door has been preserved, obviously with electric upper and lower flaps. In addition, from now on, all side doors can also be equipped with a servo drive (as in Rolls-Royce): the mechanisms operate on a slope of up to 10 degrees, have pinch protection and ultrasonic sensors that allow you to calculate the safe turning angle. And the driver’s door can be closed by pressing the brake pedal.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

Matrix headlights and phosphor lasers are a thing of the past. The new LED headlights have 1.2 million micro-mirrors that form a beam of light and can even "paint" dots on the road. These searchlights reach 500 meters and are linked to the navigation system to change the mode of operation in advance. There is also all-round lighting for maneuvering in the dark: the lighting around the entire vehicle can operate at speeds up to 15 km/h.


There is a choice of five- and four-seat cabs with 20 mm more row spacing. The split rear seats come standard with 16-degree backrest angle adjustment, but there are also more expensive power seats that allow you to recline in a seated position. And Range Rover for the first time received a seven-seat version.

The third row can only be ordered for a long wheelbase car, it is installed 41 mm above the second row seats, it is designed for adults, it has electric heating and folding. Trunk volume behind the third row is 312 liters. In two-row machines, the compartment holds 1061 liters (long wheelbase) or 818 liters (short wheelbase). The shelf can be equipped with an electric lift (for an additional fee), as well as a strong partition that is attached to the floor and can be used as a backrest while relaxing on a picnic.

The Range Rover has a new EVA 2.0 electronic architecture that integrates 70 electronic units and can be remotely updated "over the air" using the Pivi Pro multimedia system (two eSIMs installed in parallel). The main unit has a 13.1-inch curved screen with vibration feedback when pressed, but thankfully it retains a separate climate control with analog knobs. The instrument screen has a diagonal of 13.7 inches, a screen is built into the cabin mirror, to which the image from the rear camera is transmitted (it is installed in one of the two “shutters" on the roof).

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

Already in the basic configuration there is a four-zone climate control with separate air conditioning and a rear heater. Following the "younger" models, you can order a large Range Rover with fabric upholstery: expensive Ultrafabrics fabrics and Kvadrat blends of wool are offered. However, you can order semi-aniline or (for the first time) fully aniline leather. The second row has two 11.4-inch screens with HDMI connections, and for vehicles with power rear seats, there is also an eight-inch touchscreen in the center armrest.

The top version of the Signature Suite has power split rear seats with massage, a huge central tunnel and folding tables (also powered). And then there’s the Range Rover SV with special trim and ceramic trim. The more expensive Meridian Signature infotainment system features 35 speakers, 1600 watts of power and an advanced active noise cancellation system in the cab that sends an inverted signal to miniature 20-watt speakers built into the headrests of the four main seats.


The new Range Rover is the first model based on Jaguar Land Rover’s Large Vehicle Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex) platform, designed for longitudinal combustion and electrification. The front end still has double wishbones, and the rear suspension is completely new, with five arms per wheel instead of the previous four.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

The Dynamic Response Pro chassis is standard air suspension with two-valve Bilstein adaptive dampers. The eHorizon control system is connected to the on-board navigator and pre-adjusts the suspension stiffness before each turn depending on the speed and driving mode. Active stabilizers – with 48-volt electric motors that develop up to 1400 Nm of torque to suppress roll, but are disabled off-road.

In addition, the standard chassis is now fully steerable. Electric drives can turn the rear wheels up to 7.3 degrees. At speeds up to 50 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front ones for improved maneuverability (the short version has a turning radius of only 11 meters), and after 50 km/h all wheels turn in the same direction for greater stability.

Ground clearance in the standard position with air suspension is 160 mm, when parking it decreases to 110 mm, and off-road it can be increased to 235 mm. In the most extreme mode, ground clearance reaches an impressive 295 mm, but still less than 303 mm for the previous model.

Motors and clutch

In Europe, the focus is on reusable hybrids, but more on that later. In the current market, the new Range Rover will be presented in three versions. Two of them are equipped with a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbodiesel of the Ingenium family. In the initial version of the D250, this engine is tuned to 249 hp and 600 Nm, while the D350 version has 350 hp and 700 Nm. Acceleration time to "hundreds" – 8.3 and 6.1 s, respectively.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

At the top of the range is the V8 P530 petrol version. And this is no longer the old 5.0-liter AJ-V8 compressor, but a purchased 4.4-liter BMW N63 biturbo engine. Unfortunately, the development of a new engine of this configuration turned out to be unprofitable. However, the BMW unit has special calibrations and a sump with an advanced deflector system, which allows the engine to operate on a slope of up to 45 degrees without the risk of oil shortage. Recoil is not the strongest for this engine with 530 hp and 750 Nm. Such a Range Rover can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km / h.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

As before, all versions have an eight-speed ZF automatic and a two-speed transfer case. “In the base” there is even an electronically controlled rear transverse differential. But engineers ditched permanent all-wheel drive in favor of a multi-plate clutch transmission to connect the front axle, which is already used on some versions of the Land Rover Defender SUV. When driving between 35 and 160 km/h in road mode, the clutch is released, promising a 30% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous model.

New Range Rover unveiled: clutch, third row and BMW engine

However, the Range Rover’s off-road capability must remain at its best. There is an electronic Terrain Response 2 system (like the Defender) with the ability to manually adjust. It is alleged that the SUV will be able to overcome a ford with a depth of 900 mm and a rise with a slope of 45 degrees.


The new Range Rover will be built at the historic plant in Solihull, England, where vehicles from all previous generations have been made. most recently, orders will open as early as early 2022, with sales scheduled to start in the spring, although the SV version will arrive on time only by the summer. The price has yet to be announced, but it is already clear that with all the new Range Rover equipment it will rise in price significantly, and the current starting point of 7.5 million will be more than exceeded. And in 2024, the debut of an all-electric version, the first electric vehicle of the Land Rover brand, is expected.

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