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Which is better – Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing


There are many brands and models of various cars on the current car market. But the most massive segment is economy class cars. There are also many players here, but there are also leaders. Today we will analyze one and compare two creations of this manufacturer at once. So which is better: Renault Logan or Renault Sandero? These cars are noticeably different, but we are comparing them for the reason that many motorists consider these two models before buying.

Which is better: Renault Logan or Renault Sandero

It is clear that there is no direct answer to this question and simply cannot be. For any motorist, each model has both pluses and minuses.

The most frequent “Logan” on our roads has a 1.4-liter engine under the hood, paired with a manual transmission. If we talk about the equipment of this car, then usually it is a simple air conditioner, a classic ABS system and two airbags.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing

Renault Sandero usually has a 1.6-liter engine, the box on this car is often automatic. If we talk about the off-road modification of the Sandero Stepway, then the situation is even more serious. But if we compare Logan and Sandero, then with all similar equipment they will cost about the same (maybe Sandero will be ten to twenty thousand more expensive).


Which is better: Renault Logan or Renault Sandero when compared with luggage compartments? In general, the Renault Logan has a trunk, the volume of which is about five hundred liters, while the Sandero has a trunk of a modest three hundred liters and a little.

But not everything is so simple. The Sandero sedan has the ability to quickly and easily increase the volume of the trunk by folding the rear seatbacks. This manipulation increases the volume by about four times. The Logan's trunk can be increased by completely disassembling the rear row of seats, since their backs do not fold. To do this, you will need special tools: in addition to the seats themselves, you will need to remove the metal crossbars from the rear row of seats.

If we compare the trunk closing system on these two cars, then it is better implemented on the Renault Sandero. It has a handle for closing the trunk lid, has a plastic coating, Logan's cargo compartment is closed manually. In this case, you need to touch the bare metal, which also has a sharp edge. Logan has a full-size wheel in the trunk, Sandero has a full-size wheel, under the bottom.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing

Interior equipment and interior

Renault Logan or Sandero Stepway: which is better when comparing interior trim? It is difficult to say, because these are cars of the same manufacturer and both are from the economy segment. To be honest, there is nothing interesting and pleasing to the eye in them. These are operating machines that transport a person from one point to another. In the cabin of both cars, everything is modest and ordinary. Plastic is not of the highest quality, there is no escape from squeaks and other things.

To be fair, while these cars are small on the inside, their interiors aren't bad or outdated. It's cheap, it's good. These are different things. In addition, everything is studied in comparison, and everyone has their own taste for these things.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing

Comparison of standard motors

And what is better to choose between Renault: Logan or Sandero, when it comes to the engine? All power plants on Logan and Sandero have long been tested by the buyer. This is good news, since “childhood diseases”, frankly, are no more. And the weakest basic 1.4-liter engine and a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine easily and without harm to themselves work on the current AI-92 gasoline.

If we talk about the 1.4-liter engine, which is often put on the Logan, then it is quite peppy when you are alone in the car, and if there are passengers, its maneuverability immediately goes out. If passengers are overtaking on the freeway, you will need to prepare for a trip of almost a kilometer.

If you're traveling as a family, look for a 1.6-liter engine (at least an 8-valve engine with 84 horsepower). Such an engine is more expensive, but it is more powerful and pulls better. On the move, Renault-Sandero with a 16-valve engine will not give a chance to Logan with a 75-horsepower engine.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing


Sandero with a mobile sixteen-valve engine was faster and noticeably stiffer than Logan with a 1.4 engine. But the excellent energy intensity of the Sandero suspension remained the same. The suspension of both cars in the cab responds loudly, the sound insulation is also very poor. Renault Logan is 23 centimeters longer than Sandero. Theoretically, long cars are noticeably softer, but in the Logan, the increase in length is achieved not by lengthening the base, but only by the rear overhang.

The suspension of both cars can be called harsh. This is a tribute to their “budget”. On not too expensive cars, there is no very soft suspension. Yes, without a doubt, the soft suspension lasts longer and is harder to “kill”, but both Logan and Sandero have a rather stiff suspension, without frankly weak points and “childhood sores”. However, the manufacturer has focused on these machines for our streets, which are far from ideal. This moment can only be rejoiced at.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing

“Automatic” or “mechanics”?

Let's compare Renault-Logan and Renault-Sandero by analyzing their gearboxes. If you are interested in the presence of “auto”, then without a doubt, consider models with a sixteen-valve 1.6-liter engine. But this is not an answer to the question of which Renault is better to choose Logan or Sandero. This question is up to you.

By the way, I must say that both manual transmission and automatic transmission are quite reliable. You will have to choose a gearbox based on personal preferences, you should not look for some kind of make-up from the manufacturer in this unit, because it simply does not exist.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing


What is better to choose Renault Logan or Renault Sandero? Which model has the best case? In terms of ergonomics (even if this is a problem), they are more or less the same, the quality of the metal is similar, the quality of the metallic color is also the same. If something starts to rust, it's better to fix the problem right away, rather than start it. The same is true with shavings, they are quickly seized by rust. The gaps between the body elements seem to be acceptable, everything looks smooth.

Some body parts are easy to find both new and in car dismantling, because cars are not uncommon. Most body parts are inexpensive, especially in the aftermarket.


It makes no sense to talk about the design of optics, since these are economy segment cars, and the main thing here is functionality, not beauty. The headlights on both cars are well thought out. The light from the headlights is enough for a trip at any time of the year and day. The good news is that the bulbs used in the headlights don't cost money per seat. From the point of view of optics, it is impossible to identify weak points. All without modifications, but at a sufficient level.

Of course, there is not as much light as from modern LED headlights or headlights with xenon lamps, but you must admit that the price of optics is appropriate. This is an economy class, and the fact that the manufacturer assigned acceptable optics to cars should please rather than envy the headlights of premium segment cars.


When it comes to sales of Renault Logan vs. Renault Sandero, Logan will be the leader, but is it all objective? Logan is a favorite of taxi drivers. Economical car with a spacious interior and trunk. With Sandero, not everything is so simple, taxi drivers do not like such body shapes.

Therefore, finding a good Sandero in the secondary market is easier than finding a competitor like Logan. After all, if you are not honest, then no one will want to buy a car that was previously mercilessly exploited by a taxi driver who loves to work and does not like to relax.

Which is better - Renault Logan or Renault Sandero: tips for choosing


Both cars are good, but still Renault Sandero or Logan? What's better? Reviews do not determine the winner in this dispute. These are two economic models created for people. Reviews characterize both Logan and Sandero as reliable cars.

Of course, nothing is eternal, on these machines the suspension suffers more often, according to reviews. But these same reviews also indicate that the components for these machines are not too expensive, which is good news. The owners also write that it is economical to maintain such cars – they are not too demanding of themselves and can sometimes wait. But do not openly call them “sores”, as this often leads to more serious problems.


What is better Renault Logan or Renault Sandero? Everyone has their own answer. In some sense, Logan is good, and in some sense, Sandero is good. This is not a comparison when all the professionals are on the side of one machine, and the flaws are on the other. These cars also differ in body shape, which means they are different. These cars have similar interior trim and nothing more. Well, the price range is more or less the same. It's hard to find other similarities, which means you have to look for features, and they're there, and we talked about that today.

If you plan to drive alone and save money, then Logan with a 1.4-liter engine is for you. If you do not ride alone, this engine is not strong enough for you. If you're looking for comfort at a reasonable price, you might want a Sandero with an automatic transmission. Every situation is different and you should rely on your own selection criteria and not someone else's advice.

Renault is a car that has proven itself in the automotive market of our country. The company is not trying to “grab the stars from the sky”, but it has a lot of customers. Here they make good cars for relatively modest money. There are much more expensive competitors with lower quality workmanship. Renault cars have a balance between looks and performance. Competitors often tend to streamline the appearance of the car with reduced performance or life span of some individual components.

Finally, let's say the Logan has long been a popular car lately, and the Sandero is a full-fledged competitor to this very popular car.

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