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The return of Geely GS: prices and equipment and competitors


Almost a year after the first start of sales, the Geely GS cross-hatch returned to the market. His first coming in September last year was a failure (27 copies sold). What does the Chinese company Geely expect this year? And in general, is the new “old" hatchback able to compete in the market?

What are you, Geely GS?

Calling this model a novelty does not turn not only the tongue, but also other parts of the body. The raised hatchback was introduced back in 2016 under the name Geely Emgrand GS. Only three years later, the Chinese brought it to the market, but due to the lack of localization and the inflated price, sales of the model failed completely. In 2019, 26 pieces were sold and one copy was sold at the beginning of 2020.

After that, the hatchback was taken out of sale, removed from the official website. And here he is back, in the same guise and with the same prices. Whether the Chinese like to step on the Russian rake – we will soon find out.

The return of Geely GS: prices and equipment and competitors

In comparison with competitors, the cross-hatch Geely GS does not stand out in any way. A standard wheelbase of 2700 mm with a length of 4440 mm, a ground clearance of 180 mm and 330 liters of luggage compartment volume – for some domestic analogues in the face of LADA XRay Cross, these data are still slightly higher.

So how will the Chinese be lured?

First of all, Geely relies on the equipment of the "all-terrain hatchback", because, alas, there is not much choice among the modifications. So, under the hood is the only “aspirated” in the line. The gasoline unit with a working volume of 1.8 liters at the peak produces 133 hp. at 170 Nm of torque, processed either by a mechanical “six-speed” or a robotic six-speed Getrag box.

The basic Geely GS Comfort for 1.3 million conventional units (700 thousand conventional units at a dealer discount) with a manual transmission offers the buyer halogen headlights and LED DRLs, R17 alloy wheels, power windows in a circle, air conditioning and keyless entry. Alas, even a simple multimedia system is not provided in a car for such an amount, only an audio system with 6 speakers. However, the model is well prepared for the Russian winter – heating washer nozzles and wiper zones on the windshield, heating two rows of seats.

The return of Geely GS: prices and equipment and competitors

The safety of the hatchback is represented by a cocktail of two airbags, rear parking sensors and systems of course stability, traction control, tire pressure monitoring and brake force distribution.

The Comfort version with "Robot" is estimated at 100 thousand more. In addition to the new box, Geely GS was equipped with an electromechanical parking brake and cruise control. Is it worth it, of course, the buyer decides, however, the full stuffing is revealed in the top luxury configuration for 1.5 million conditional units (880 thousand conditional units, taking into account all discounts from Mas Motors).

Compared to stock, for an additional two hundred thousand conditional units, the buyer receives a robotic transmission, the aforementioned cruise control with a rear-view camera, power side mirrors, a panoramic roof, new 18-inch molding and a different two-tone interior with higher-quality leather trim. Safety is improved with two additional side airbags and curtain airbags. And, finally, a full-fledged media system with an 8-inch screen and the ability to connect smartphones appears in the cross-hatch.

Competitors are weaker and cheaper

The main competitors of the GS model, most auto experts include the X-Line version of the KIA Rio, Renault Sandero Stepway and the domestic LADA XRay Cross. In comparison with them, the "Chinese" is slightly larger in size and power, good in terms of equipment, but significantly inferior in cost.

The return of Geely GS: prices and equipment and competitors

And in most cases, it is the price factor that plays the main role in choosing a model from buyers. Judge for yourself:

  • the Korean Rio X-Line in the minimum configuration costs only 925 thousand conventional units, the premium version costs 1,175,000 conventional units.
  • the French Sandero Stepway – with mechanics in stock can be bought for 801 thousand conventional units, the Drive version with a 102-horsepower unit – 950 thousand conventional units.
  • domestic XRay Cross starts at 792 thousand, and with full minced meat performed by Instinct, it will cost the buyer 1,056,000 conventional units.

Thus, whatever one may say, but all the competitors of the elevated hatchback 📌 are cheaper in price, even in the maximum trim levels. Of course, you can buy a Geely Coolray for 1.12 million conventional units, but there are a number of buyers who will never drive a crossover. Perhaps the new "Chinese" is designed for them.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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