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Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations



Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations

Nissan Synthetic Technology 5W-40 A3/B4

Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations

Petronas Syntium 7000 DM 0 watt-30; Selenia WR Oils Petronas Clean Energy

Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations

Rosneft Fe Magnum ULTRATEC 5W-30 s; A3 Oil Company "Rosneft" Magnum ULTRATEC on 5W-40

Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations

The best oils ZIC 5W-30 with; X9 ZIK 5V-40

Your choice. Butter. According to the regulations


As you know, changing the engine oil is a mandatory procedure for all vehicles. Properly selected engine oil not only lubricates engine parts, protecting it from premature wear, but also cleanses the heart of the car from various dirt formed during operation, prevents deposits, keeps spark plugs clean, protects against corrosion, mixes with fuel at low temperatures, reduces the amount of exhaust gases and leaves a minimum amount of residue. The capacity of the plant is growing from year to year, their design becomes more complicated, new systems and mechanisms appear. World leaders in the production of oils to keep up with these trends and bring new products to the market


Synthetic motor oil IDEMITSU 0 watt-20 CH/GS-5 is a representative of IDEMITSU low-viscosity oil company series, characterized by high fuel efficiency. The product is suitable for use in gasoline engines (including turbo) and hybrid vehicles according to API CH specification. Thanks to special additives, the oil provides excellent protection against wear, carbon deposits, deposits and low-temperature deposits, as well as smooth start-up at low temperatures.

Synthetic engine oil IDEMITSU 5W-30 C with SN/GF-5 has API CH specifications suitable for gasoline engines (including turbocharged) and energy saving characteristics in accordance with ILSAC GF-5 specifications with. The product protects against the formation of sludge, varnish and low temperature deposits and retains fluidity at low temperatures, which is facilitated by Easy starting of the engine in winter.

Nissan synthetic technology engine oil* for 5W-40 A3/B4

Using original engine oil is a rational way to protect yourself from engine problems. Modern engines are very demanding on the quality of the oil, so the use of technologically impractical or counterfeit products can lead to serious difficulties. Original 5W-40 oil developed specifically for the Nissan model. It takes into account both the design features of brand cars, and recent climatic conditions.

Nissan Engine Oil 5W-40 is a fully synthetic oil designed for modern design gasoline and diesel engines. It has a freezing point of 39 °C, as well as good density and viscosity in different temperature conditions. Nissan 5V-40 will keep your engine healthy for years to come.

* Synthetic technologies – synthetically fortified motor oil with less than 50% synthetic components.

Petronas Syntium 7000 DM 0 Watt-30 Petronas oil Selenia WR no Clean Energy

Fully synthetic engine oil Petronas Syntium 7000 DM 0 watt-30 is designed for high-performance Mercedes-Benz gasoline and diesel engines, including engines with the latest generation of particulate filters. Its formula guarantees a high degree of engine wear protection, which far exceeds the requirements of the new API CH standards, even in extreme weather conditions.

Petronas Selenia WR’s ultra-modern fully synthetic engine oil meets the requirements of the latest generation of diesel powertrains that meet the ACEA C2 specification. This indicates a low ash content, which protects the particulate filter from combustion residues. The use of this product significantly reduces the risk of turbine fouling, helping to improve fuel efficiency.

Rosneft Magnum ULTRATEC Fe 5V-30 A3 Rosneft Magnum ULTRATEC on 5W-40

Rosneft’s new line of motor oils has a high level of performance properties. The main task of Rosneft Fe Magnum Ultratec 5W-30 engine oil is to reduce wear and effectively lubricate engine elements, with minimal energy consumption. Its use helps to reduce fuel consumption in comparison with mineral oils, which have a higher viscosity.

Fully synthetic engine oil A3 "Rosneft" Magnum Ultratec 5W-40 helps to reduce wear, the formation of high-temperature deposits and soot on the parts of gasoline and diesel engines of cars and light commercial vehicles, including those equipped with turbocharging. The novelty has the approval of leading European manufacturers, such as MB-approval 229.5, BMW LL-01, VW 502/505, RN0700/0710, Porsche A40.

TOP ZIK 5W-30 with Zik X9 on 5W-40

Fully synthetic engine oil ZIK top 5W-30 for gasoline and diesel engines of modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles is produced on the basis of polyalphaolefins (PAO) and its own synthetic base oil YUBASE plus in combination with a modern low-ash additive package low PSP. The product protects complex exhaust gas treatment (diesel particulate filter, SPL, cat, etc.) of cars of ecological class 6 and below, provides reliable engine protection against wear even at high speeds and loads, and also prevents the formation of deposits in the engine, carbon deposits on the walls cylinders and pistons.

Fully synthetic motor oil ZIK X9 5W-40 for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, based on YUBASE synthetic base oil plus a modern additive package. Synthetic base oils, contributes to low oil evaporation and minimizes oil consumption, prevents the formation of carbon deposits and deposits in the engine. The product helps maintain excellent performance by providing reliable engine protection even at extended drain intervals over a wide range of application temperatures.

In autumn 2018, both lines of motor oils and X9 TOP are made in Germany.


Series of the next generation of oil being in the spring of 2019 are updated. The new can concept is designed to make it easier for the consumer to select the optimal oil. The flagship product of the series, being ARMORTECH 5W-40 and licensed to API CH standards, provides up to 10 times improvement in wear protection against API standards, which is confirmed by tests in international laboratories. The new classification on the label is a high-tech oil category for European cars.

ARMORTECH NK Lukoil Genesis 5W-30 is a multi-purpose synthetic oil designed specifically for Korean vehicles. Designed for gasoline and diesel engines of Hyundai, Kia and other vehicles where the use of oil with a viscosity of 5W 30 is prescribed, which meets the ACEA A3 / B4, A3 / B3 or API specification for SL / cm. Increased on low-viscosity oils increased in HTC (high temperature viscosity at high shear rate), ensuring the stability of the protective oil film on engine parts. Tests have shown that it protects the power supply up to 2 times better than prescribed ACEA standards. In this new classification, "synthetics" is reserved for Korean vehicles.

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