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Tuning Audi 80 – an ambulance for an outdated model


Tuning Audi 80 depends on what kind of body the car has. On many streets, German cars in the B2, B3 and B4 variations are considered the most common. All these models differ from each other mainly in appearance and details. At the same time, the elements under the hood of each of these cars are almost identical. What Audi parts require replacement and how to improve the car with your own hands – we will figure it out together.

1 Engine upgrade – new life for the old "heart" of the car

Basically, helping the engine of the car will come down to replacing its obsolete elements. The first thing you should pay attention to is the main oil seals. In older Audi models, these parts have a resource of 200 thousand kilometers. During operation, they are susceptible to significant damage under the influence of various factors: the use of low-quality lubricants, overheating of the power unit, the lack of regular cleaning of the engine filter – all this negatively affects the condition of the Audi oil seals. As a result, the car starts to stall, and sometimes it does not start at all.

Tuning Audi 80 - an ambulance for an outdated model

Audi A80 after tuning

Most often, in variations of the B2, B3 and B4 from Audi, the front main oil seals are the first to fail, while the parts in the rear of the engine are still working. To perform tuning of the Audi 80 by replacing the oil seals, we need to prepare:

  • new set of parts;
  • a vessel for draining oil;
  • rags;
  • a set of flat and curly screwdrivers;
  • open-end and spanner wrenches.

To gain direct access to the engine, it is best to remove the right front wheel. We remove the timing belt protection panel, loosen the tensioner and proceed to dismantle the belt itself. After that, be sure to turn on the first gear at the Audi gearbox.

Next, you need to remove the crankshaft ratchet and dismantle the oil receiver from the engine. Then we remove the oil pump, after which we get access to the cuff. We take a flat screwdriver and dismantle the front main oil seal of the motor, which is located in the pump cover. Before installing a new oil seal, the pump cover must be completely cleaned, and an even layer of engine oil must be applied to the replacement elements themselves. After that, we tightly fasten the new oil seal and assemble the structure in the reverse order.

2 Independent restyling of the Audi 80 – new bumpers and modified optics

When tuning the Audi 80, special attention is paid to the body. It all depends on the variation of the car – for the B2 and B3 models, the best option would be to replace the front and rear bumpers with a wider part. As for the B4 variation, it will need to modify the headlights. In order to change the bumper on the B2 body, you can use both an original spare part from Audi for newer models, and a universal part from well-known tuning manufacturers.

Tuning Audi 80 - an ambulance for an outdated model

Tuned Audi A80

In the first case, the bumper from the Audi A4 and A6 is best suited. In size, it is ideal for the B2 body, in addition, for do-it-yourself installation, you do not need to make additional holes and use fasteners other than regular ones. If you are a fan of sports parts from well-known manufacturers, then in the case of the Audi 80, the best option would be to buy parts from WRC or HPI Racing. After buying a bumper, you can proceed to install it yourself. First you need to remove the old element. To do this, first unscrew the upper and then the lower mounting bolts.

Then the regular bumper is carefully removed, and the place under it is cleaned and degreased with alcohol. After the body is completely dry, you can mount a new spare part. First you need to screw in the upper fasteners, but not completely, after which the lower bolts are screwed in. Once you have made sure that the new bumper is level, the fasteners can be screwed to the end. By the same principle, the bumper is changed in the rear of the car. If you are the owner of an Audi with a B4 body, then the best option for your car would be to install LED lights on the headlights. First you need to completely dismantle the headlights of the car.

After that, we take a hair dryer and heat the lighting fixtures until the lights begin to peel off. Thus, we can completely disassemble the headlights of the car. Next, you will need to completely remove the remnants of the old sealant and degrease the surface of the lamps. Once the parts are dry, take the LED strip and glue it to the metal part of the headlight. Then a new layer of sealant is applied to the same lamp, after which the glass half of the optics is applied to the metal part. Next, the headlight must be placed so that the glass part is at the bottom, and left in this position for 3 hours. Once the sealant has dried, you can install the optics in place, having previously cleared the place for its installation.

3 Options for finalizing the interior of a German car

As soon as we have finished the external tuning of the Audi 80, we can begin to improve the interior. Doing it yourself is not so difficult, for this you can find a lot of car accessories. For example, a complete replacement of the upholstery on the seats, ceiling and car doors would be a good option. As an addition to this, you can replace the steering wheel sheath of the car using the same material as in the cabin.

Tuning Audi 80 - an ambulance for an outdated model

Tuning salon A80

Another popular option is to install an on-board computer that will help control the operation of the main elements of the machine. The great advantage of this method is that you can put a domestic device in the interior of a German model, which costs several times cheaper than imported computers. In order to increase driving comfort, experts advise to improve the backlight of the instrument panel. With its help, you will get rid of the problem of poor visibility of scales at night. In addition to tuning the backlight, you can replace the standard ceiling lamp in the car interior or install additional lamps on the sides. The new lighting will make Audi much brighter and more comfortable.

Another effective way to modernize will be painting the instrument panel. Both painting and pasting the shield with a vinyl film will give the interior of the car an original look and protect it from the negative effects of sunlight. In addition, the new coating will prevent the panel from appearing on it from minor scratches and abrasions.

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