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5 most reliable SUVs.


Hello dear reader.

The rating will be based not only on reliability. If so, then the old Land Rover Defender, Land Cruiser 100 and even Niva would be in the ranking)). But people also care about comfort, appearance, significance. Therefore, we will consider cars that combine reliability, cross-country ability, a large and comfortable interior, and an attractive appearance. Well, the significance on the roads))

Let’s start. Yes, and do not be surprised that there are only Japanese in the ranking. The Japanese do things

5th place. Mitsubishi Pajero 4th generation.

5 most reliable SUVs.

Spartan car that will take you from point A to point B hundreds of thousands of kilometers. And it doesn’t matter if it’s on asphalt or on a country road. The car also has a short, three-door version.

The car is equipped with three engines:

  • gasoline engine 6G72, 3 liters, 178 hp The motor is rather weak, but it was installed on all 4 generations and is the most proven.
  • gasoline engine 6G75, 3.8 liters, 250 hp After 100-150 thousand km, an oil burner may appear, ideally, oil scraper rings and caps should be changed. Or you can just top up.
  • the most reliable and versatile is the 4M41 diesel engine, with a volume of 3.2 liters and a power of 200 hp. With timely maintenance and the use of high-quality consumables, the engine passes 400+ thousand.

There are two types of transmissions 5-speed automatic and manual. There are no complaints about them. The suspension is also reliable, the only weak point is the front stabilizer bushings.

4th place. Land Cruiser Prado 150.

5 most reliable SUVs.

Prado is synonymous with reliability, it is reliability in the flesh))

Seriously, this car is one of the most reliable in the world. Prado 150 is a descendant of the legendary 120th Prado, which will definitely be in the rating. The 150th was introduced in 2009. It was assembled with five engines: 2 petrol and 3 diesel.

It was delivered to the market with three engines:

  • 2TR-FE gasoline engine, 2.7 liters, 163 hp
  • gasoline engine 1GR-FE, 4 liters, 282 hp
  • turbodiesel engine 1 KD-FTV, 3 liters, 173 hp

All engines are reliable and do not have any identified weaknesses. 2TR-FE and diesel are especially popular. V8 is very voracious and taxed heavily, so it is not so popular.

The eternal five-speed automatic was installed on all versions. It will serve you for many years, even the clutch runs 200 thousand km on the Prado.

3rd place. Land Cruiser Prado 120.

5 most reliable SUVs.

If it were my will, I would put him in the first place in the ranking. But we have an assessment on several parameters. And then there are more modern and comfortable cars, but no less reliable.

Prado 120 is very popular in the secondary market and its prices are not even going to fall. This is another indicator of its reliability and durability.

recently it was with one engine: gasoline 1GR-FE, 4 liters, 249 hp. Paired with a five-speed automatic. The motor and gearbox do not break if timely maintenance is performed.

The secondary market also has cars with a 3-liter diesel engine and a 2.7-liter gasoline engine (Emirates). They were brought into the market from other countries, they were not sold new.

The owners note one weak point: the front hub bearings, they run 60-70 thousand kilometers.

2nd place. Land Cruiser 200.

5 most reliable SUVs.

Workhorse. Produced since 2007. A descendant of the Land Cruiser 100, I would also put it in the rating, but we have a comprehensive assessment.

Since 2012, restyled versions have been equipped with 2 engines:

  • diesel engine 1VD-FTV, 4.5 liters, 232-249 hp
  • gasoline engine 1UR-FE, 4.6 liters, 309 hp

There was a queue for diesel versions at the start of sales, and in order to buy a diesel version, one had to wait. Petrol could be picked up immediately from the cabin.

Transmission and suspension will also not bring you any problems. The only weak point is the front wheel bearings. They are rather weak for heavy jeeps.

1 place. Lexus LX570.

5 most reliable SUVs.

This car — the best combination of comfort, bordering on luxury, reliability and status!

Many will say that the 570 is the same 200. BUT it’s not.

The Lexus 570 was equipped with a 5.7-liter 3UR-FE gasoline engine with 367 hp, paired with an automatic transmission. Six speed for pre-styling and the first restyling, eight speed for the 2nd restyling.

All this goes hundreds of thousands of kilometers and does not break. All you need is proper and timely maintenance. Unscrupulous outbids can wind up 200 or even 300 thousand kilometers on the odometer. Therefore, when buying a used car, you need to be especially careful.

The weak point of the 570 is the brakes. They are definitely not enough for such a heavy mastodon.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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