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An honest review of the BMW E34 (series 5)


BMW E34 – the legendary German car in the world in the 90s was very popular. In order to buy the E34 was chosen only in the territory recently. In the same 90s, such were businessmen or criminals. Perhaps that is why there is a stereotype that the BMW is a car for those who, to put it mildly, make money dishonestly.

Nowadays, despite the age of the car, and is at least 20 years old, the E34 still remains prestigious. Many fans of the brand believe that the body of the E34 and later, in his youth – the E39 – is a real BMW. All subsequent models have lost in quality and in grace. They have lost their spirit, the zest that was characteristic of the Bavarian models of the 90s. Perhaps that is why in our time the hunt for the E34 has divorced.

Characteristics of the BMW E34 engine

In addition to the fact that BMW is already prestigious, the E34 has a huge number of advantages. Modern, even today appearance, all the necessary options – automatic transmission, electronic AIDS control, air conditioning, cruise control and much more. BMW engines are a completely different story. The line is installed on E34, one of the most reliable. In particular, the V6 engine, which took place on the 34th, is now the BMW X5. And it’s not just that. Absolutely every mechanic will be able to confirm that this engine is one of the most reliable.

An honest review of the BMW E34 (series 5)

Since we touched on the engines, we will talk about this in more detail. On the E34, there was a lineup of several engines – 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder diesel unit, diesel and in a separate category, the Vanos system engine (variable valve timing system) is usually chosen.

If you are thinking about buying this car, we recommend that you make a choice of representatives equipped with a V6 engine. The fact that a 4-cylinder engine for such a heavy machine would be sluggish, and an inline-four is not very reliable. Buying a diesel is risky. The motor, which is 20 years old and has been consumed by domestic diesel fuel all the time, is probably in need of repair. Hence, the only option is the petrol V6. The engine is very dynamic, it spins up easily, but fuel consumption by today’s standards is not small.

An honest review of the BMW E34 (series 5)

A fully functional unit consumes about 9 liters on the highway, in the middle of the driving range, and about 13-14 liters in the city. Given current gasoline prices, this is a pretty significant drawback. However, BMW is a lifestyle.

Body: pain and major

Choosing absolutely any car, the first thing you need to pay attention to the body. Engine, chassis, transmission – we can fix it, but if rusty is the body, the car will only bring misery. And you shouldn’t rely on welding, they only delay the inevitable for a while, but don’t completely fix the problem.

BMW body parts are insanely expensive, so it’s in your best interest to find a car with a live body. For example, if we take average prices, the E34 doors will cost about 16 thousand conventional units per copy, the trunk lid is about 20 thousand, the hood is about 25 thousand. In principle, for these costs, the train of thought is clear, I think.

The body itself is quite strong, the metal is of good quality, but 20-25 years, and during this time it could disperse all corrosion. The most vulnerable places are the edges of the trunk lid, rear arches, front boxes (near the front wheel arches), corners of the front doors. These points need special attention.

An honest review of the BMW E34 (series 5)

Problems most commonly encountered on the machine

Despite the fact that BMW cars are the benchmark for quality and reliability, the problems that arise with them. In particular, the E34 has the following disadvantages:

  • Engine overheating. Due to the fact that the motor has a solid size, not transversely, but longitudinally, it is prone to overheating wine design. In this regard, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the engine, if necessary, stop driving. When buying a car, you immediately recommend changing the viscous coupling of the cooling system fan, expansion tank and coolant. If the motor does not overheat, you will not wait for problems with it.
  • Malfunctions of engine sensors. Periodically, E34 owners have problems with sensors. Solve the problem by cleaning the contacts or replacing the sensors.
  • Problem with the engine control unit. The control unit is also one of the most vulnerable places in the car. After buying a car, it is recommended to update the firmware, that is, to make such a chip tuning. This allows you to get rid of the problem, as a result of which the car may one day refuse to start.
  • Cabin heater malfunctions. Whether it’s in the form of an ordinary stove or an air conditioner, the E34 is one big problem. The heater either does not heat all the time, supplying cold air, or does not work at all. Therefore, when choosing a car, pay attention to this nuance.
  • High cost of spare parts. The main reason why many stay to dream about BMWs and not become car owners is the high cost of spare parts. But part of it is a myth. Firstly, the cost of components for the E34 is no more than, for example, the cost of spare parts for Honda or Toyota, Audi or Mercedes cars. But given the fact that the parts have a very long service life, the disadvantage of this is ironed out. In addition, in order to get the necessary parts from auto-dismantling, in the end, buy cheaper Chinese components. The choice is yours.

One thing is for sure: the car will certainly require attention, care due to age, but to give a more fun ride than the E34, no other car can, unless this car, of course, is also not a BMW. Even today, the E34 will be able to give odds to many modern cars in terms of reliability and behavior on the road. Given the pros and cons available, if you decide to buy a BMW E34 is a very good choice.

Car service with competent specialists, fill only the brand of oil, change parts on time, and then I don’t know any problems. Good luck in finding a decent car, the car of your dreams!

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