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An interesting all-weather option for SUVs.


April 16 Everything is rather sad in the off-road tire market this season. There is really nothing, and what is, costs so much money that it would be better if it did not exist.

All the more interesting is the new product from Maxxis – the fresh all-terrain model of the RAZR AT tire.

Everything is as always with Maxis – it looks great and is cheaper than famous analogues.

And most importantly — this rubber is! After all, the popular GoodYear Duratrac disappeared in the abyss of economic problems and is no longer supplied to us, and BFGoodrich is relatively available, but prices are flying into space.

And what about the Razr AT with the characteristics? Everything is not clear here yet, rubber has just begun to be sold. The manufacturer himself, for some reason, suddenly decided to rinse our brains too shamelessly.

Aggressive sidewall design maximizes traction and puncture resistance

The two-layer construction of the cord incorporates double interlaced reinforcing fibers, which significantly increases the strength of the structure and ensures a long service life of the tire.

New chemical fillers in the tread compound increase molecular strength and prevent cracking. They also contribute to improved cut and puncture resistance when driving off-road.

Suitable for winter operation at low temperatures.

This is the official quote. Ah-ah, only the mountains are cooler than us. I, as, I think, and you, are very annoyed when the product description is full of marketing slogans and no specifics.
Nothing good can be found in the blogging spaces yet. In a couple of videos I found, very, very independent reviewers almost from the booklet read enthusiastic texts about the fact that “there will be no more compromises between comfortable movement on paved roads, the level of noise produced by tires and their off-road capabilities."

It’s just embarrassing! Well, why are you filling our tanks with this crackling chatter?

But Maxxis makes good tires! Let’s still try to isolate at least some useful information.

It is claimed that the Razr AT in the mud behaves almost like an MT-shka.
Hard to believe. For all-season, the tread is quite aggressive:

An interesting all-weather option for SUVs.

Obviously, you can conquer something more difficult than a country road, but this is still not a large mud block.

Here is the side lug – it’s straight yeah.

An interesting all-weather option for SUVs.

Almost like the older model RAZR MT! Apparently, there should be no problems with rutting, and such wheels will probably work well at reduced pressure.

And yet the main drawing is not very muddy.
Here are some shots from the tests in the snow:

An interesting all-weather option for SUVs.

Let’s imagine clay instead of snow and understand that you can’t go far on this Maxis in really hard off-road. I suppose the mud performance is comparable to the same Goodrich AT. This is quite suitable for tourist-expeditionary operation.

Once we started talking about snow, a few words about the use in the cold season. I will never believe that the Razr AT will really replace winter tires. I have quite a lot of experience “rolling out” of various AT-niks, and ice is categorically contraindicated for them, slippery. I do not think that Maxis managed to make some kind of revolution here. But due to the presence of sipes, these tires are probably quite suitable for driving on slushy snow.

An interesting all-weather option for SUVs.

That is, in conditions of a not too severe winter, operation is quite acceptable.

Now as for the noise. This is an important aspect, almost any AT tire at high speeds delivers acoustic discomfort. One of our customers left a small verbal review – Razr AT is really very quiet on the pavement, and it is also well balanced.

In general, we will wait for the stories of those who drive 50 thousand kilometers on this rubber, then it will be possible to judge globally. But the primary conclusions can be drawn already now: we have before us not a marvelous marvel (which the manufacturer is trying to “sing” to us about for some reason), but quite a high-quality, good AT-shka, which is suitable both for the city, including in the off-season, and for non-extreme trips off asphalt.

Perhaps I will put such tires on one of the cars for myself.
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Post source: wekauto.ru

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