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Ferrari plunged into the dashing 90s


The current results of Ferrari make it clear that the Scuderia from Maranello was transferred to the dashing first half of the 90s, when the “prancing stallions" did not succeed at all. In addition, Mattia Binotto added fuel to the fire, saying that the legendary stable would not soon get out of this hole.

The past Belgian Grand Prix was one of the worst of the season for Ferrari: for the first time since 1998, the team failed to score a single point – the car was sorely lacking in speed on the straights, and Spa-Francorchamps, like Monza, is the very track where speed is a far more important factor in a car’s success than downforce.

Many Scuderia fans are already wondering: “When will this crisis end?”. According to the head of the team Mattia Binotto, the way out of the deep hole will not be soon:

“How long will it take to get back up… Looking back at winning cycles, it has always taken many years. There are no silver bullets in Formula 1. Requires calm and stability.

This year the engine is frozen, we can’t do anything about it. We are developing it next year. Now there is good progress on the dynamic stand. There are also car restrictions. So what are our plans? The main plan is to focus on the next seasons. First in 2021, but of course also in 2022. In order to perform well next year, we strive to understand the current weaknesses and try to make sure we can overcome them.”

Few people were satisfied with this answer, and Mattia Binotto has already received a huge amount of negative comments from both experts and ordinary Formula 1 fans.

However, the stable from Maranello really accepts attempts to break the deadlock. For example, she is actively trying to get the former head of the engine department, Andy Cowell, who left Mercedes.

Ferrari plunged into the dashing 90s

Despite initial denials by Cowell himself, Corriere dello Sport journalist Daniele Sparichi believes that negotiations with the Englishman are already underway and a long-term agreement will be announced soon:

“He could have come to Ferrari under Stefano Domenicali [approx. author – head of the Scuderia from 2008 to 2014] , but Andy changed his mind after Domenicali left the team. However, now Cowell is free again. Apparently, the parties will resume their relationship, even though in the complex world of Formula 1, the name of a specialist is not the most important.

However, Ferrari needs new methods, ideas and more advanced tools to get back in the lead. It’s a long way to get out of the hellish situation the team is in.”

Whatever it was, Ferrari urgently needs to solve their problems. And if Scuderia fails to improve the current car, then it needs to switch to the development of a car for the 2022 season as soon as possible, in order to try to achieve a greater advantage over rivals.


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