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GAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyor


GAZ cars have managed to prove themselves on the good side. A manufacturer known since Soviet times produces high-quality and attractive-looking cars. During Soviet times, GAZ was engaged in the production of trucks and cars. His famous Volga was in incredible demand among Soviet drivers. It was the most prestigious transport in the domestic auto industry.

The Soviet Union collapsed, but GAZ did not lose its former glory. It still continues to exist. Only priorities have changed. All efforts are aimed at the production of commercial vehicles, including Gazelles.

Recently, a new New Next model rolled off the assembly line and became a real breakthrough for the domestic auto industry. This is an updated version of the equally famous Gazelle Next.

GAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyor

To date, the weight of the car is 3.5 tons. Manufacturers promise that the buyer this time will have plenty to choose from. They plan to produce Gazelles with different weights from 2.5 to 4.6 tons. Various wheelbase options are available. This greatly expands the scope of New Next.

The cabin has been completely refurbished. Expressive bumpers, monumental grille and full LED headlights – this is what this luxurious model can boast of and make strong competition with world-class cars.

GAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyorGAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyor

Salon New Next deserves special attention. What is the driver’s seat, which has a wide range of adjustments (11 configurations). From this side, New Next differs significantly from the previous model. Both door cards and chairs are different, more advanced.

The control unit equipped with a liquid crystal display is conveniently located on the center console. At the top of the console, you can see a 9-inch music entertainment complex. There is a trial combination with neutral backlighting, a powerful on-board computer with a color monitor and a wide range of useful functions for the driver.

Manufacturers are doing everything possible to make the movement comfortable and safe at the same time. Therefore, the equipment here is top notch. The gazelle was endowed with a whole range of special electronic assistants. This includes 11 control units, 3 radars, and 8 ultrasonic sensors.

GAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyorGAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyor

A navigation complex, a unique system that regulates tire pressure, LED optics and the famous climate control are also provided. On such a Gazelle it will always be convenient to move around.
But what about the technology? Under the hood, a 2.8 liter turbo engine was installed, the same as in the previous version. But some things have been improved. A new six-speed "mechanics" has been added that does not need frequent repairs. With it, you can easily overcome about 300 thousand kilometers. The rear axle has also been replaced. Now it is more reliable and versatile. From now on, this is an integral attribute of the standard New Next equipment.

GAZelle NN new generation is already on the conveyor

Of the additional options, one can single out auto-braking, a system of exchange rate stability and monitoring of blind spots of the body. There is a similarity with the Next model, but it is minimal.
Gazelle New Next is already available for sale. The automaker does not intend to stop. In the near future, there will be other, all-wheel drive versions of this model. Previously, experts put forward their assumptions regarding the cost of a unique novelty. The initial cost is certainly not less than 1.65 million conventional units.
In any case, this model will be a success. It has everything you need for long journeys. The most comfortable conditions have been created for overcoming long distances.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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