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Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana – what to take?


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Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

Let’s start, perhaps, with a well-proven one. The French coupe-crossover has an expressive and recognizable silhouette, and wheel arches equipped with protective linings and wheels of the original design in the dimension hint at a comfortable ride outside the city limits. Styling is provided by chrome accents along the waistline, as well as front LED headlights and LED taillights. At the same time, the manufacturer offers a choice of 7 body color options.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

How will the newbie respond? Firstly, fully LED optics with an automated high beam function (for version). Secondly, light-alloy wheels of an impressive size – for a complete set and for a complete set. Wheels can also be offered in today’s fashionable black color, which, combined with exterior details in a similar strict color scheme, gives the car a brutality. A bold look to the crossover adds a massive grille and an air intake on the front bumper. There is also a function to delay turning off the headlights, and when the front doors are opened, the door zone is illuminated with a projection of the brand logo on the asphalt.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

Next, let’s compare the sizes of the two crossovers. It wins in length with a margin – 4605 mm against 4545 mm. In width and height, too – 1878 mm versus 1820 mm and 1643 mm versus 1565 mm for the Frenchman. At the same time, the size of the wheelbase is 2721 mm, – 2700 mm. The ride height is 204 mm, – 205 mm.

As for driving comfort, here the manufacturers of the Chinese SUV have clearly tried – it is distinguished by good handling and a smooth ride, even taking into account the unevenness of the roadway, for which it is worth saying thanks to the front struts and anti-roll bars.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

, in turn, is equipped with a similar front and semi-independent spring suspension at the rear, while the front brake discs are equipped with ventilation channels, and a drum scheme is used at the rear. In general, this car boasts good handling and acceptable dynamics.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

Specifications are provided by a non-alternative 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline power plant (238 hp and 350 Nm of torque) in combination with an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system. Acceleration of the car to 100 km / h is possible in 6.9 seconds, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers will be 8.1 liters.

Under the hood is a 1.6-liter atmospheric gasoline engine (114 hp and 156 Nm of torque) and a 1.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine (150 hp and 250 Nm of torque). Both power plants are paired with a continuously variable variator or a 6-speed manual transmission. There is a choice of drive – front or full. Crossover acceleration to 100 km / h is possible in 10.1 seconds, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is a very economical 7.1 liters.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

Now let’s move on to the most curious part – comparing the configurations and cost of cars. Here, the clear leader emerges, since the price for the basic version starts at 1,225,000 conventional units. By the way, the crossover is offered in four basic trim levels – from 1,225,000 conventional units to 1,728,000 conventional units. At the same time, the top version is offered with a two-tone body color, multimedia system and 8-inch screen, atmospheric interior lighting, rear seat heating option, steering wheel heating, climate control system, rain and light sensors, rear parking sensors, all-round cameras, etc.

Geely Tugella or Renault Arkana - what to take?

, in turn, offers a choice of only two configurations – and. So, for example, the crossover in the starting version is declared by the manufacturer at a price of 2,399,990 conventional units and is offered with dual-zone climate control with an air filtration system in the cabin, an all-round camera, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, an electric tailgate, a keyless access while maintaining the function of starting the engine with a button and a rain sensor. Of the security systems, the manufacturer has provided both front and side airbags, an anti-lock braking system(), as well as an exchange rate stability system. The salon is equipped with a function for heating the steering wheel, rear and windshield, windshield washer nozzles and seats in both rows. The driver’s seat is fully electrically adjustable in six directions, and there is a panoramic sunroof on the roof.

The crossover is equipped with LED optics, custom-made wheels, combined nappa leather and suede interior trim, heated first and second row seats, a digital instrument panel, a multimedia system with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, a panoramic roof and an electric drive system. opening the tailgate. The package of options includes keyless entry with the ability to start the engine with a button, adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control, a driver fatigue recognition system, etc.

Thus, before answering the question – what to choose – the future owner must decide which car with what characteristics he prefers. Easy to manage and maintain, with a comfortable starting price – this is unambiguous. Ultramodern, high-tech, with the most complete set of options and a rather big price tag, then this, of course, is.


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