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Hennessey is up to something crazy: a 6-wheeled 1+2+1 hypercar


The American company Hennessey has announced the most expensive and unusual electric car in the world – the price for one copy will be at least $ 3 million. The hypercar, tentatively named Project Deep Space, will feature an aerospace-style extended carbon fiber body and six wheels that should provide it with extra traction and incredible dynamic performance. Production will start in 2026.

Founded in 1991 by John Hennessy, Hennessey Performance has become known as a tuning house that creates unique pickup trucks, SUVs and high-performance sports cars based on production models of American brands, but in recent years it has increasingly positioned itself as an independent manufacturer of exclusive cars – serviced by a special division Hennessey. The first completely original model of the company was the Hennessey Venom F5 mid-engined hypercar with 1842 hp, capable of reaching speeds of over 500 km / h.

Hennessey announced yesterday that it will release three more original models over the next decade, the first of which will be the all-wheel drive 6-wheel Project Deep Space hypercar. It has been announced as the most expensive and fastest production electric car in the world in terms of acceleration dynamics – 105 copies will be produced at a price of $ 3 million each. Two sketches by Hennessey chief designer Nathan Malinick have been released: Project Deep Space looks like a crazy concept car from the 1960s when aerospace styling was all the rage, but it will actually be extremely modern and cutting-edge in many ways.

Hennessey is up to something crazy: a 6-wheeled 1+2+1 hypercar

The 6×6 wheel arrangement (each wheel will be driven by its own electric motor) was born out of a desire for extra grip to realize the full potential of electric drive – you can expect a real catapult effect! The long length would obviously be at odds with maneuverability, but would allow the large battery to provide “incredible range on a single charge.”

Hennessey is up to something crazy: a 6-wheeled 1+2+1 hypercar

The 1 + 2 + 1 landing formula is driven by the desire to create the most aerodynamic body in the style of a small aircraft fuselage. At the same time, comfort on board will be at the level of a business jet: the fourth central seat is positioned as VVIP, that is, for a very, very important person, you can take a horizontal position in it and take a nap along the way. The central position of the driver's seat will allow you not to worry about the version with the left and right hand drive.

Hennessey Project Deep Space is advertised as a luxury four-way ocean liner rather than a tracked vehicle to achieve maximum g-force, although Project Deep Space is capable of this. Interior trim and equipment will be at the level of luxury sedans, but thanks to modern composite materials, Project Deep Space will be light enough for a car of this size. The two large gullwing doors are designed to allow all riders to get in and out at the same time.

Hennessey is already registering applications for Project Deep Space on its website (in particular, on the website of the Hennessey Special Vehicles division), but orders for goods are still far from being placed. We dare to guess that the price will eventually exceed $3 million, but for the exclusive car segment, this is also good: the higher the cost, the greater the excitement. We are waiting for the first 3D drawings and new details. What will be the other two new items, Hennessy has not yet reported.

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