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Check engine troubleshooting message (check) Ford Focus 2


Sometimes the dashboard of a car is the "lucky" owner of interest. One of these messages is "Check Engine". It appears on the panel of various cars, including Ford Focus 2. What does a burning check mean and how to get rid of it, we will talk in this article.

  • 2 How to reset in modern cars
  • 3 What to do if the malfunction lamp flashes
  • 4 How to remove "Check Engine" for restyling

What does it mean if a check for Ford Focus 2 caught fire

Check engine troubleshooting message (check) Ford Focus 2

The icon is lit to the right of the speedometer

Literally "Check the engine" means "Check the engine". In early Ford models, this message raises questions among car owners, because it almost always meant a problem with the carburetor. But with the advent of models such as the Ford Focus 2, the situation with this indicator is seriously complicated.

How to reset in modern cars

The appearance of the “Check Engine" icon on a Ford Focus 2 car can be caused by many reasons, from accidents with sensors with the tank cap ajar. Typically, a "computational performer" uses computer diagnostics. If this is not possible, there is only one thing to do: proceed with liquidation.

The most common causes for the "Check Engine" light to come on and how to troubleshoot:

  • The indicator lights up during the trip, but there are no problems with the engine (the speed does not drop, it works stably, without extraneous noise, it responds well to the gas pedal). Possible causes: low oil level in the engine. So, we need to stop, open the hood and check. If the oil is really low, you need to add. After that, the indicator usually goes out (but this does not happen immediately, but after 10-15 minutes).
  • The indicator against the background of obvious problems with the engine (idling, they began to float and the engine constantly “troits” when driving). Possible cause: problems with spark plugs and high voltage wires. In this case, the integrity of the contacts and wires were carefully checked. If the problem persists, install a new set of spark plugs.
  • The fuel level is too low. Sometimes the light comes on And it. What happens is: a small tank, so the pressure in the fuel system decreases and the fuel pump starts to suck air. At some point in the diagnosis of fuel system errors, the indicator is on. The solution is obvious: pour gasoline.
  • The icon may also appear due to bad gasoline. Drain the solution of low-quality gasoline and refuel elsewhere.
  • The gas cap is screwed on tightly. This is the most common reason for the indicator to turn on. Due to a leak in the tank, air is sucked in, while fuel consumption is slightly different. This has been detected by the instruments and the icon will appear. Solution: Close the lid tightly.
  • The oxygen supply sensor (aka lambda probe) has failed. Solution: Replace the faulty sensor.
  • Defective Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Solution: check the resistance and voltage of the sensor with a multimeter, compare the recorded values ​​in the instructions. If they differ, replace the sensor.
  • Faulty ignition coil. Solution: make sure there is spark at the coil. Measure the output resistance with a multimeter. If the change in resistance at the outputs does not match those stated in the instructions, replace the coil.
  • Catalyst failed. This cause is usually found on older cars. Solution: I removed the muffler and assessed the condition of the catalyst. If the problem is really in him, he changes.
  • Clogged fuel filter or fuel pump. This will change the pressure in the vehicle’s fuel system and the indicator will light up. Solution: I checked the pressure in the fuel rail, then the primary fuel filter and the degree of filter contamination are checked for contamination. All this is thoroughly washed with kerosene, and if necessary, replaced.
  • Nozzle clogged. Solution: the nozzle is removed, mounted on a stand that simulates the operation of the engine, and washed with a special solvent.

What to do if the malfunction lamp flashes

Sometimes the "Check Engine" icon only appears on the dash for a few seconds and then goes off. This usually happens when the engine is started. Thus, the following happens: after turning the key to the ignition, the ECU (electronic control unit) performs diagnostics of all engine systems for a few seconds. If the self-test is successful, the indicator goes out. The appearance of the “Check Engine” icon until the end of the self-diagnosis says only one thing: the problem is clearly not in the engine. With a faulty engine, the indicator light will not go out. So, the first test is the tank cap, fuel level, quality, etc.

How to remove "Check Engine" for restyling

The model range of Ford Focus cars was restyled in 2008. The appearance of the car has changed (body shape, headlights, mirrors, grille). The shape of the dashboard has changed. The hardware has changed a bit. Remained unchanged, only engines. And even the notorious cover tanks are all the same (as well as fuel tanks). Thus, the "Check Engine" badge will be a nerve-wracking not only for owners of older cars, but for owners of cars manufactured after 2008.

Therefore, removing an annoying icon can be very difficult, because you have to check everything from spark plugs to fuel and gasoline gauges. Someone finds a mistake at the very beginning of this path. Someone was less fortunate, and he manages to disassemble half the engine. But another way to solve this problem in the garage has not yet been invented.

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