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How to rid the yard of abandoned cars?


If an old rusty car with a dirty pigeon roof and flat tires has been sitting in the yard for several years without movement, this does not mean that it is abandoned. Most likely he is the owner. And if that’s the case, getting rid of auto junk won’t be easy…

If there is too little parking space on your site, precious parking spaces occupied by the forgotten owners of avtorazborka, follow the advice that was published by our colleagues from RIA Novosti.

What does the law say?

Check your local laws first. So, on the territory of Moscow, by the Decree of the Government of Moscow of September 23, 2014 "On the procedure for identifying, moving, temporarily storing and disposing of abandoned, including dismantled vehicles in the city of Moscow." In fact, everything you wanted to know about the topic is written in this document. There, the sequence of actions is indicated in detail. And that they are legally imprisoned.

In accordance with the above document, only those vehicles that interfere with the improvement of the city and disassembled vehicles abandoned by the owner (and he did this in the prescribed manner) and those that do not have an owner are recognized as abandoned.

Important: To take abandoned cars to a junkyard, you need to be aware of any important design elements such as doors, wheels, glass, hood, trunk lid, fender, chassis or drive components.

The easiest way is to negotiate with the owner

The easiest way to get rid of auto junk in the yard is to find the owner of the car and negotiate with him. In fact, he (of course, if he agrees to part with his “beloved" car) requires little to show his passport, documents for the car and sign an agreement on its alienation. Then in the courtyard of the tow truck and take the car to a special recycling point. In addition, all this is absolutely free (this is in Moscow). In addition, he will also pay five thousand conventional units as a reward. You don’t pay if he wants to use the existing current recycling program for old cars when buying a new car.

At the disposal of the owner of the car, as well as draw up all the necessary documents, so that he can remove the car from the register with the traffic police.

If the car is cluttered with the appearance of the lot, look up to your owner and tell them how easy it is to recycle the car and what a great opportunity (including financial) awaits them if they get rid of their old car.

If the owner is not available

If you agree with the owner of the car abandoned in the yard failed, the car has all the signs of being abandoned and stripped, in this case, you can try to reach his forced evacuation.

Important: do not force the TsODD or the traffic police to do this – they do not do this. And who does it? Local authorities. In the Moscow district councils. You can complain about an abandoned car in Moscow through the Our City portal. It can be accessed in the browser and through mobile applications.

To file a complaint, you need to identify the location where the car is located, indicate exactly what design elements it is missing and be sure to attach photos. Your message will be published on the portal and at the appointed time you will receive a response from the Council in your area about what will happen to the declared car for.

And then a commission will be assembled from representatives of the government and representatives of law enforcement agencies who will go to the place indicated in the application, inspect the car and decide whether it is worth abandoning it. Upon inspection, it will be drawn up and … no, this “suffering” of the residents of the house will not end. The local authorities will be given to the owner of the car (they will find it, rest assured) on the assumption that he must either accept it within a certain period (usually two weeks), or bring it into proper condition.

Complaints thrown in the yard can also be addressed directly to the local administration (Council) – in person or, for example, through an electronic reception. The answer to the applicant must be sent within 30 working days.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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