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Lamborghini expands its lineup: the company promised four new items this year


One of them will be the updated Urus crossover, which was previously seen during tests at the Nurburgring.

The Lamborghini brand produces expensive sports cars, the closest to the mass market in the range of the brand is the Urus crossover. Sales of the marque grew steadily from 2014 to Covid 2020, when old world dealers sold 1,996 vehicles (nearly 8% less than a year earlier). According to the Carsalesbase website, last year sales started picking up again, with 2,142 vehicles purchased between January and November, up 15.4% from the first 11 months of the previous year.

Lamborghini expands its lineup: the company promised four new items this year

In terms of global sales, the company estimates that Lamborghini dealers sold 8,405 vehicles last year, up 13% from the previous figure. At the same time, the Urus crossover remains the most popular model (5,021 units purchased), the Huracan silver (2,586 units) on the world market, and the Aventador closes the top three, including its derivatives (798 units).

This year the company has promised to release four new products. True, the manufacturer has not yet disclosed details about them. Most likely, one of them will be an updated version of the Lamborghini Urus: this crossover was introduced at the end of 2017, and its production began in 2018. So it’s time for a restyling of the model. It is possible that the model will receive a "hot" version, which will become a separate novelty.

Lamborghini expands its lineup: the company promised four new items this year

In the photo: Lamborghini Aventador

By the way, earlier the “facelifted" Urus has already come across in tests at the Nurburgring. Foreign media note that the Italian brand’s SUV will have a changed appearance, and in addition, the developers will probably work on the "stuffing". Note that next year the family will be replenished with a hybrid version, which is currently under development. According to preliminary data, such a modification will use the installation of the Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, it is based on a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine. The total power of the system is 680 hp, and the maximum torque is 900 Nm.

The list of upcoming Lamborghini novelties is likely to include limited-edition sports cars equipped with a V12 engine. His role could be played by a roadster with a facelift named Countach and an as-yet-unknown limited-edition model. Recall that the Huracan has recently been updated, the current Aventador is now only available in a special “farewell” version of Ultimae, and the successor to this model in the future will be a hybrid (it will hit the market in 2023).

Lamborghini expands its lineup: the company promised four new items this year

In the photo: Lamborghini Huracan

By the end of 2024, all production Lamborghini models will be electrified. As Kolesa.ru previously reported, the first completely “green” car of the brand will appear in 2027-2028. It will reportedly be a completely new model on the production line. There is no information about the future "battery" novelty yet. The company only clarified that "high performance" will remain with Lamborghini in the first place.

Last year, the brand set a record for car sales. It should be noted that Russian buyers also contributed. As we reported earlier, in the first three quarters of 2021 📌, 148 new Lamborghinis were registered. Of these, Urus crosses accounted for 123 copies, 13 pieces. – for Aventador supercars, 11 pcs. – in Huracan and, judging by the characteristics, 1 more pc. – in the hybrid Sian.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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