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A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan


The new car brand Qoros introduced the Qoros 3 sedan – a new Chinese car, ready for serial production. The model will appear before the visitors of the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. The manufacturer positions the Koros car as a premium class, and the novelty will be produced in three body styles. The first engines will be available for the Qoros 3 sedan, then it will join the wagon called the Qoros 3 property concept, and later, perhaps even the Qoros 3 crossover hybrid concept. In our review, pay attention to the Corus 3 sedan (Coros or Quores in Russian), a detailed review of the exterior and interior of the novelty, find out the body size and enamel color, evaluate the size of the wheels and tires, technical specifications, the convenience of placing passengers in the cabin, the size of the trunk, level of technology, comfort, entertainment and safety, what will be the estimated price for Koros car dealerships. To learn more about our specialists, we traditionally provide photo and video materials.

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Before reviewing the car, we will make a short digression into the history of the introduction of the Qoros brand.
In December 2007, the leadership of the Chinese company Chery Automobile and the Israeli holding Israel Corporation established Chery Quantum Automobile Corporation (CQAC). In November 2011, CQAC was renamed Korosa, and in December 2011 he presented photos of the first prototype of the new young car brand.
I don’t think that the hero of our review is the brand of Chinese cars, even though the car will be produced in China (Changsha, Jiangsu Province).

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedanA new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

On the development of Koros 3 in addition to Chinese designers and engineers, worked with representatives of European companies. Design is in charge of chief designer Geert Hildebrand, with Chery (creator of the modern mini image) and design studios in Munich and Shanghai, chassis and engines by Klaus Schmidt (formerly of BMW M-power), the car is assembled from parts and components manufactured by the company Benteler, Bosch, Continental, Getrag, Harman, Iconmobile, Lira, Magna Steyr, Microsoft, Alerta and TRW.

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedanA new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

So, in our opinion, a modern car is really capable, in our opinion, of a very serious competition to representatives of well-known world industrial brands.

  • The manufacturer positions the new Chinese car as a compact sedan, however, the external overall size of the car is large enough for a CD: 4615 mm long, 1839 mm wide and 1445 mm high, 2690 mm wheelbase, 160 mm ground clearance (clearance ).

Let’s look at the exterior of the Coros 3 sedan from all sides. The front of the car with large headlights, stuffing a combo – xenon (optional) and LED lamps. Compact size false radiator grille with a chrome frame, a powerful front bumper with an additional air duct, an original contrasting rear spoiler insert and aerodynamic bottom skirts.

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedanA new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

When viewed from the side of the radiated high line sill, two powerful body side contour ribs – one at the level of the door handles, the second at the bottom of the door, large doorways, skipping aft domed roof, lean back, large wheel arch radius, with ease able to accommodate in its vast tires 205/ 55 R16, 205/ 50 R17, and even 225/ 40 R18 as an option. Wheels disks: light-alloy 16.17 or 18 radius.

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

The rear part of the body with a huge ceiling marker lights with LED filling, a large bumper with a diffuser and integrated exhaust pipes, a trunk lid with a high vertical wall. Walking around the car, you realize that designer Geert Hildebrand in the appearance of the novelty collected striking stylistic ideas embedded in many modern cars, but the Qoros 3 sedan looks fresh, holistic, energetic and even sporty.

  • For car exterior, using a choice of six enamel colors: base is non-metallic crystal white (white) and midnight black (black), metallic macadamia brown (brown), starlight black (black), diamond silver (silver) shimmer and gray (Grey).

The interior of the Qoros 3 sedan will comfortably accommodate the driver and his four companions. If necessary, the front seats with bright lateral support are equipped with electric adjustments and heating. Compact and neat, the front panel looks sparse, but even in the initial configuration, an 8-inch color touch screen will be awarded (multimedia system with Bluetooth, USB input and AUX-IN and the ability to connect smartphones from various manufacturers, navigation, rear view camera), just below the air conditioning control unit.
The driver is a stylish multifunctional steering wheel trimmed with a lower rim, height and depth adjustable steering wheel, an informative instrument panel with two large radii and a color TFT display board computer, seats with a minimum of adjustments in six directions. In the first row, the reserve of space will allow you to conveniently and comfortably accommodate the driver and passenger under 190 cm tall.

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

In the second row, due to the dimensions of the wheelbase at 2,690 mm, the rear passengers will also not be deprived of comfort. Space for legs and knees with a margin, pillows molded for two riders, but the third one is not superfluous at all. Light discomfort for the inhabitants of the back row will be occupied by an almost vertically mounted back and low ceiling.
Trunk Qoros 3 sedan with a full cabin of passengers wishing to take 450 liters of cargo, the rear seat back folds down, while significantly increasing the capacity of the trunk port.

A new player in the automotive market Qoros 3 sedan

The basic equipment of the sedan includes an 8-inch touch screen, an advanced audio system with four speakers (100 W), central locking, electric and heated mirrors, power windows. As an option, a rearview camera, power front seats, xenon, climate control, cruise control and many accessories.

Specifications Qoros 3 sedan 2013: the car is built on a new modular front-wheel drive platform installed in front of the MacPherson strut, rear torsion beam, electric power steering, disc brakes (front 320 mm, rear 285 mm) with ABS and electronic stabilization system. Braking system developed by the company specifically for TRW Koros 3.
Engines from the start of sales will be equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline:

  • A 1.6-liter naturally aspirated (126 hp) paired with a 6 manual transmission is able to deliver the car to 100 km / h in 11 seconds.
  • A 1.6-liter turbocharged (156 hp) with 6 manual transmissions will provide dynamics to the first hundred in 9 seconds.

With the passage of a 6-speed manual transmission, an optional automatic transmission 6 automatic transmission with two clutch discs. For engines, it also provides the ability to install a start-stop system, which will significantly save fuel.
The plans of the engineers of the Chinese company to equip next year, the latest gasoline engines of passenger cars and GDI (direct fuel injection):

  • three-cylinder 1.2-liter (130 hp)
  • and 1.6-liter (160 hp).

Of course on a test drive Koros 3 is not. I can only say with reference to Klaus Schmidt that the suspension settings will allow you to comfortably ride the Qoros 3 sedan in city driving and enjoy the car’s stable, sharp and sporty character on the highway. I can’t wait to try out the new Chinese car industry, and of course I wonder how much it will cost. In addition, representatives of the Qoros company as the main competitors, probably, including on such issues as the price for its creation, chose not anyone, but the reference of representatives of the European class C – Volkswagen Golf 7 and Ford Focus 3.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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