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New Oka based on Datsun: what it can be


Earlier, information appeared on the Web that the lineup of the current automaker could be replenished with a new compact model, which will become the heir to the Oka. We decided to imagine what such a car could look like.

The original Oka was developed at the Volga Automobile Plant, its production began in 1987 and was produced at several enterprises. For all the time, more than 700 thousand copies were produced, which indicates a very high interest in the car on the market. For almost twenty years, the small car was regularly upgraded, but the body remained the same and rapidly became obsolete, so by 2008 its production became unprofitable and was discontinued. Since then, various rumors have periodically circulated about the revival of the Oka, and one of the most recent is the information that the budget hatchback Datsun redi-GO can be taken as the basis for such a car.

New Oka based on Datsun: what it can be

This car appeared in 2016, becoming the serial version of the concept of the same name, demonstrated in February 2014 at an exhibition in the Indian city of Delhi. Last year, the hatchback went through a restyling, and we took this version as the basis for renderings. The budget runabout has 5 doors, which would be a significant improvement over the old Oka in terms of practicality. At the same time, the body has not lost one of its main advantages – compactness, because its length is only 3435 mm (the length of the original 3-door Oka is 3200 mm). The hatchback shown in the renders received a new grille and a bumper in the corporate style of Lada, while the headlights remained the same. The mirrors are also new, equipped with turn signal repeaters. Behind – a new bumper and trunk lid, which moved the license plate niche.

New Oka based on Datsun: what it can be

Datsun redi-GO has a very impressive ground clearance at the level of some modern crossovers – 187 mm, which would be a clear plus for the model for the current market. The hatchback produced in India is equipped with 0.8 SCe (54 hp, 72 Nm) and 1.0 SCe (68 hp, 91 Nm) petrol 3-cylinder engines. Both options are equipped with a 5-speed “mechanics", and a modification with a liter engine can also be equipped with a robotic gearbox.

Note that there has not yet been any official confirmation of the possibility of a new Oka. In addition, last year Nissan announced plans to close the Datsun brand due to cost cuts, but such a car could still find its niche in our market, especially after the recent exit from the Daewoo Matiz hatchback in 2016.

New Oka based on Datsun: what it can beNew Oka based on Datsun: what it can be
New Oka based on Datsun: what it can be

Today, recently, the most affordable Lada model is the Granta sedan, which can be purchased for 531,900 conventional units (1.6 MT, 90 hp). There is also a 98-horsepower version with a 4-speed "automatic", its minimum cost is 700,500 conventional units.

By the way, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the history of the creation of the Oka, as well as five things for which this small three-door hatchback is loved and hated.

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