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Nissan Skyline 2020 – restyled personality sedan


The Japanese company Nissan’s Skyline V37 sedan series has undergone a planned and highly significant facelift for the model and was officially introduced in Japan in June 2019. The updated Nissan Skyline 2019-2020 received a more modern and stylish appearance, an upgraded interior, an extended second-generation ProPilot 2.0 autopilot, a new 3.0 V6 petrol bituromotor and a number of technical innovations. Sales of Nissan Skyline 2020 will begin in Japan in early autumn at a price of 40-58.6 thousand dollars.

On the one hand, the Skyline V37 series is the 13th generation of the legendary Nissan brand and on the other hand, it is the official clone of the Infiniti Q50 sedan from. Debuting in 2014, both sedans turned out to be so similar that fans of the Skyline model were simply angry. Judge for yourself, after all, the Nissan Skyline V37 offered in the Japanese market was completely devoid of personality. The body of the Nissan sedan was equipped with the helmsman childike Infiniti, though the steering wheel was on the right, but also showed the Infiniti logo. And the participation of the legendary auto models said only one Skyline label chrome insert, located on the trunk lid. Even the new clothes Nissan Skyline received with some delay than the Infiniti Q50 global sedan from.

Nissan Skyline 2020 - restyled personality sedan

Now justice has been served and the Nissan Skyline is not only the first updated, but has brand DNA attributes from Nissan models. The parent company logos returned to the front and rear of the sedan, using the signature V-motion 2.0 grille and the original bumper with bright plastic, new parking lights, with LED circular sections, implying that, in turn, the dimensions of Kalins produced before 2002 of the year.

Nissan Skyline 2020 - restyled personality sedan

The interior of the Nissan Skyline 2019-2020 is practically unchanged compared to the pre-reform model, but in the cabin you immediately notice a new multifunctional steering wheel with Nissan silicom, an upgraded NissanConnect multimedia system and a color projection display. However, the main asset of the updated horizon, according to Nissan representatives, you can consider the 2nd generation autopilot (ProPilot 2.0).

Nissan Skyline 2020 - restyled personality sedan

The autopilot of the first generation Nissan ProPilot debuted on the Japanese cars of the brand three years ago, and managed to please the owners of more than 350 thousand cars with its presence and proper operation. ProPilot electronics has taken over the functions of driving the vehicle within the same lane, but under the complete control of the driver.

Nissan Skyline 2020 - restyled personality sedan

The more advanced ProPilot 2.0 system, just like the Level 1 autopilot, works only on country roads and keeps the car in the lane, and the driver does not need to hold the steering wheel. Now completely rely on smart electronics, and just enjoy the scenery outside the window? Actually, it turns out not.

Firstly, hands cannot keep on the steering wheel, but it is necessary to follow the road (using a special camera to track the direction of the person’s gaze), and if the driver is distracted and does not look ahead, then the electronic system will first warn the signal, and then just slow down and stop the car.

Secondly, rebuilding when overtaking and maneuvering to narrow the road is under the control of the driver.

Thirdly, ProPilot 2.0 is activated only after entering the route into the navigation system.

Fourth, the autopilot only works on the track, and with Congress on a regular road, it turns off, informing the driver.

Specifications Nissan Skyline 2019-2020

The first new ProPilot Autopilot 2.0 appears on the Nissan Skyline hybrid car and will be included in the basic equipment of this modification. By the way, the hybrid power plant of the updated sedan inherited from the pre-reform Nissan Skyline is composed of a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 (306 hp), a 68-horsepower electric motor and a 7-speed automatic transmission (total output of 359 power plant). The hybrid sedan is rear-wheel drive by default, but an all-wheel drive transmission is available if needed.

The restyling deprived the Skyline sedan of the four-cylinder Mercedes 2.0 gasoline turbo engine, but instead the car received a new diesel V6 3.0 bituromotor developed by Nissan’s own efforts and successfully installed on the Infiniti Q50 from.

  • The base Nissan Skyline is equipped with a V6 3.0 turbocharged engine (304 hp 400 Nm) in a 7 gear company, transmitting traction to the rear wheels.
  • A more powerful gasoline version of the Nissan Skyline 400r with a 3.0 liter biturbomotor. V6 (hp 405 475 Nm) paired with a 7-speed "automatic" transmission.

In addition to the new turbo diesel engine, the updated sedan is now available with an adaptive suspension (IDS) (Intelligent Dynamic Suspension) as well as an upgraded das (Direct Adaptive Steering System) steering system.

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