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Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money – New RAV 4


There are a lot of crossovers at the moment. There are urban options and larger mid-sized SUVs. It should be noted that both varieties are sold well. The level of demand for cars of this class is increasing at a significant pace every year. But, in general, the volume of sales of vehicles in the primary is somewhat falling.

Among the most high-profile novelties of last year in this segment, the Japanese car Toyota RAV 4 should be attributed. This vehicle became available to consumers in different regions of the world the year before last, however, the fifth generation of the car began to be delivered at the end of last year. As one of the main nuances, it should be considered the price. It starts from the level of 1.756 million conventional units. It should be emphasized that this is the average price level when compared with competitors. It is necessary to decide whether this machine is worth the money invested in it, or not?

Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money - New RAV 4

Design features. The new generation of the legendary Japanese-made crossover has become more brutal. The front segment is characterized by a massive grille and aggressive optics. In addition, a large front bumper with large air ducts should be highlighted. Behind the lanterns are connected by means of a massive strip covered with a layer of chrome. In general, the appearance of the car turned out to be worthy. In many ways, this is facilitated by the new base from the GA-K car. There was also an increase in the rigidity of the vehicle body.

Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money - New RAV 4

Interior. In the interior, there was a change in architecture, but the basic features of the model remained the same. This applies to the legendary center console on 2 floors – in its upper segment there is a multimedia system display, and at the bottom there is a block for controlling the climate system. The instrument panel has also undergone changes. A large screen is provided for it in the middle part, and on the sides there are devices in the analog version.

Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money - New RAV 4Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money - New RAV 4

Its appearance is quite stylish, and the information is read comfortably. It must be emphasized that it does not upset even the fact that there is no projection display. You can highlight the decent quality of finishing materials for the cabin. For many elements, eco-leather is provided along with soft plastic. A family feature of the model is the use of comfortable and ergonomic seats. They are supported on the side. In addition, the interior space is very spacious. From now on, the RAV 4 model is equipped with a full trunk of 577 liters.

Reliable Japanese 4WD crossover, worth the money - New RAV 4

Walking possibilities. Each version of the power plant is new. This applies to a 2-liter unit that generates 149 hp. In addition, an analogue of 2.5 liters is provided, providing power at the level of 199 “horses". The base motor is characterized by a combination not only with "mechanics", but also with a variator. As for the more powerful engine, it functions together with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The car is much more comfortable than before. If past generations were somewhat harsh, then the new one is the best among all.

Summary. The new generation of the Toyota RAV 4 has become more comfortable, more dynamic, and also somewhat more brutal. The vehicle in reality has become better in almost all aspects. As the only nuance, we can single out the price of the car, which starts from 1.756 million conditional units, but for such a transport it turned out to be quite justified. Models from competing brands are offered to consumers for about the same price. However, these machines do not differ in such a balanced chassis and spacious interior space.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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