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Took Lada Granta – happy as an elephant review of the real owner


Greetings, dear subscribers and readers of my channel. As you know, there are still stereotypes among motorists that all AvtoVAZ products are complete junk and you can’t mess with such cars.

Of course, AvtoVAZ itself is to blame for such a reputation, because complaints about its products used to be very common. Remember that not so long ago, if you bought a new Zhiguli, then you could not immediately go on a long journey on it?

There was such a thing as “broaching", it was necessary to check how the wheels were twisted, look at the steering and suspension, make sure the pipes of the cooling system were dry, check if the brake fluid reservoir had burst, and fiddle with the carburetor settings.

All this had to be done by the new owner, turning to the familiar mechanic “Uncle Vasya” or doing it in his garage on his own.

But that was a long time ago, but how is it now? We will talk about this using the example of the Lada Granta car. This car was bought by my relative in 2015. I also managed to ride this car a lot, evaluating its consumer qualities and reliability.

Lada Granta Plus real owner review

Grant I took after owning several machines. Was VAZ six, then Moskvich 2141. There were old used Japanese (Corolla) and Korean (Rio).

Grant took a new one, but was afraid that even after budget foreign cars, I wouldn’t like it at all. But everything turned out not so bad.

I have a car with a junior 8-valve engine in the line, with a power of 87 hp. on mechanics. The equipment at that time was called “plus”. body sedan.

The car has power steering, air conditioning, music, electric windows, electrically heated mirrors, heated front seats and a pair of airbags.

In general, for Grants, the equipment is not the poorest.

Took Lada Granta - happy as an elephant review of the real owner

I was surprised that the car drives very cheerfully for such an engine and you don’t fall out of the stream at all. The motor is quite cheerful and high-torque. Straight line stability is quite good. Not to say that the car rolls straight in corners.

Sitting behind the wheel with my height of 185 cm is quite comfortable. Very pleased in the car is large, higher than other crossovers, ground clearance. On the primer and broken roads, you calmly drive, not being afraid to hurt something. Yes, and smoothness on a bad road is quite for itself, the suspension is energy-intensive and does not break through even on decent potholes.

What did not like in Lada Granta

These are family VAZ features. For example, the selectivity of the box is not exemplary, but quite to itself – it suits me, but at the same time its signature howl annoys. We can say that in Koreans, compared with Grant, the box is silent.

Took Lada Granta - happy as an elephant review of the real owner

I do not like the blunt steering wheel. There is some kind of feedback on the steering wheel, quite an adequate effort, but why, dear VAZ people, does the steering wheel bite in the zero zone ?! Probably it was possible, given the numerous reviews from the owners, to somehow conjure with the steering and adjust it more adequately.

Is Lada Granta reliable?

This is where the car surprised me. I don’t drive that much, but I’ve already done 65,000 km. There were no breakdowns, only I had to change the clutch disc for 30 thousand, well, a couple of times the front pads. Naturally, the car undergoes scheduled maintenance. Well, that’s all, there were no more breakdowns. In general, I like the car. Lada Granta proved to be a simple, but not expensive and reliable car


Post source: wekauto.ru

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