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Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019


SUVs, originally intended for operation in regions where there are no normal asphalt roads, are now found everywhere. These cars are very popular in our country. Due to climatic conditions, all-wheel drive and high ground clearance are very much appreciated here. It is also impossible not to say about safety – a massive body is able to absorb impact energy, while maintaining the health of the driver and passengers. Demand for models in this segment has grown significantly in recent years, in connection with which many concerns that have never offered either crossovers or SUVs have acquired such cars. Examples include the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

However, not all models in this segment can boast of reliability. Moreover, problems often arise even if the cars are not participants in off-road competitions. Therefore, the choice must be taken very seriously. Today we present the Top 10 reliable SUVs. This rating was compiled after analyzing the number of requests from owners of models in this segment to our Quality Motors car service network.

10 Cadillac Escalade

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

The legendary American SUV is famous for a large number of options, powerful engines and a high level of reliability. With proper maintenance, these cars easily overcome more than one hundred thousand kilometers without serious breakdowns. Note that in the United States, these models are often used by special services, which once again confirms their reliability.

9 Chevrolet Tahoe

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

This SUV cannot boast the same handling or dynamic performance as representatives of German brands. However, its indisputable advantage lies in the large resource of the main units. In this regard, Tahoe, even with serious mileage, is not idle in car services. It is also worth noting that this model is quite unpretentious in maintenance.

8 Infiniti QX80

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

The flagship SUV from the Japanese company impresses with its size, rich equipment and powerful engines. Of course, these cars are more demanding on the quality of service than American models, however, with due regard to routine maintenance, they do not bother owners with frequent breakdowns.

7 Mitsubishi Pajero

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

The legendary Japanese SUV has been in high demand for decades. With each new generation, the number of options increases, but at the same time, cross-country ability and reliability are maintained. If the car has not participated in off-road competitions and serious accidents, it can be purchased without any special fears even with high mileage.

6 Nissan Patrol

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

Another Japanese SUV with a rich history. Despite the fact that the modern version has become more urban, it also feels great off paved roads. The level of reliability of aggregates and assemblies is also very high. With a proper attitude to maintenance, serious problems do not arise even at high mileage.

5 Toyota Highlander

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

This model, of course, is inferior in off-road qualities to the older brother Land Cruiser, but it is also great for outdoor trips. The main units of the car demonstrate a high level of reliability. Even on long runs, owners manage to avoid frequent trips to services. For this reason, Highlander loses value much more slowly than its European classmates.

4 Lexus GX

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

The premium SUV creates all the conditions to overcome long distances with ease and comfort, even when it comes to rough terrain. Also, the main units do not cause trouble for owners even at high mileage. With proper maintenance, cars are able to nurse more than one hundred thousand kilometers without serious investments in repairs.

3 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

The modern modification of the mid-size SUV offers rich equipment and a good range of options. There are LED optics, and multimedia with navigation, and auxiliary systems. However, experienced drivers appreciate these models for something else – namely, off-road performance and reliability of the main units. Serious defects are quite rare even at high mileage.

2 Lexus LX

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

This car is a combination of excellent off-road qualities and a premium level of comfort. Advanced equipment is able to satisfy the highest demands. The reliability of the main units is also rare for representatives of the segment. With timely maintenance and the use of high-quality consumables and technical fluids, the occurrence of serious breakdowns can be avoided even despite serious runs.

1 Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Top 10 reliable SUVs 2018-2019

This Japanese SUV is a living example that modern cars can be reliable. Even with a very high load level, the Land Cruiser does not bother its owner with constant breakdowns. All that is required of the driver is to comply with the deadlines for routine maintenance and use high-quality consumables. It is also worth noting that the car is losing value very slowly and has high liquidity in the secondary market.

It should be understood that in order to extend the life cycle of the systems of any car, quality service is required. The best solution would be to entrust these tasks to professionals. For example, you can use the services of highly qualified specialists of the Quality Motors car service network, which is located in Moscow. It has everything you need to fix complex problems in the shortest possible time. Also, all work performed will be given a long-term guarantee, which will allow you to have no doubts about the quality of the operations performed.


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