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What can you buy instead of Renault Duster


At the presentation of Renault Duster in the current automotive market, he was immediately credited with one of the leading sales positions in the class of small SUVs. As time passed, it became clear that Renault marketers were not mistaken and Reanult Duster became very popular in our market. Such success can be attributed to both its adequate price and its characteristics.

Until recently, Renault Duster had a lot of competitors, but after there were changes in the currency market and the dollar became more expensive, all its competitors went up quite a lot. To date, the crossover has not so few real competitors. Of course, its cost has changed, but still, against the background of the rest, it looks preferable. In this article, we will consider Duster's closest competitors in the current market.

Almost domestic Chevrolet Niva

What can you buy instead of Renault Duster

The first, of course, will be the popular “higher” car almost from Soviet times, but of a different comfort, this is the Chevrolet Niva. The car itself is produced recently. It has roots in development since the 90s. It has its advantages in the form of availability of parts, maintainability and good cross-country ability. The model is not new – its development began back in the 90s. Nevertheless, it has its advantages: it is cheaper, easier to repair, it has a low cost of spare parts, and good cross-country ability.

Nissan Terrano

What can you buy instead of Renault Duster

Outwardly looking closely at this model, it is simply impossible not to note the similarity with Duster himself. And the eye did not deceive you, since the Nissan Terrano is the Duster itself, with a changed appearance. From the front, of course, he looks prettier, but looking from the side it is impossible not to notice the familiar outlines. At first glance, it is not easy to recognize the famous French crossover in the novelty, but only if you look at it from the front, Nissan will look at us flesh from flesh. But on the side and behind the already familiar Duster design is clearly visible.

I think there is no need to focus especially on its technical characteristics, since everything on the platform is taken from the Renault Duster. But in terms of trim, Nissan is better, but at the same time more expensive.

Great Wall H3

What can you buy instead of Renault Duster

This representative of the Chinese automobile industry is a full-fledged frame SUV, which has become less and less on the market. At the moment, very little can be found at a cost of a comparable option, in fact, the only thing that can be brought is UAZ.

Great Wall H3 has conquered the Russian market and is in good demand and its reliability is quite high with low breakdown statistics. Affordable price, rich equipment of these machines and excellent appearance.

Cherry Tiggo 5

What can you buy instead of Renault Duster

Outwardly, this car immediately stands out with its modern design, it looks nice both inside and out. This could not but affect the success of its sales and they are very confidently bought.

This car has already won good reviews from the owners who have made a choice in its favor, and in the future, most likely, Chinese cars will conquer the Russian market.

Suzuki SX4 Classic

What can you buy instead of Renault Duster

This car in the near future will be more and more difficult to buy in decent condition and, of course, it will no longer be found new. Of course, in terms of clearance, it is much inferior to Renault Duster. It looks more like a car with increased ground clearance, but you can choose a version with all-wheel drive in the configuration. The car turned out to be extremely foldable, comfortable, beautiful and inexpensive.

In the end, of course, you choose and all of the presented cars will be a good alternative to Renault Duster.

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