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Chinese crossover BYD S6 in


In 2013, a new Chinese crossover with external and internal architecture will recently appear in car dealerships, strongly reminiscent of the 2nd generation Lexus RX – the BYD C6 car. In the review, we will try to help readers who liked the C6 bid to understand the technical characteristics (engine, transmission, suspension), talk about Tires and wheels, body color options, upholstery and car filling with comfort functions and security systems.

Chinese crossover BYD S6 in

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We are also not a big test drive, let first the owners of the impression and real fuel consumption. Photo and video materials will help us, as well as Real reviews of the owners, since the sale of Bad C6 for 2012 in Ukraine, where it can be purchased at a price of 166,190 hryvnia (648,140 conventional units).

The new Chinese car looks solid and expensive. This achievement, of course, is not made by Chinese designers and Japanese specialists. Let’s not compare the 6 with the Lexus RX prototype, and the Japanese have already taken it out of production, and as far as we know, Toyota does not intend to sue the Chinese side. Automakers from China are on the right track and byd C6 proves the correctness of the chosen path.
The recipe is very simple, take a successful discontinued model, analyze it to death, do technical documentation. Then make small adjustments in appearance, choose the right engine and transmission, fill in the electronics cabin with a cover and leather trim. The candy is ready, and the price will be several times cheaper than the original. What about quality? But with this aspect, we must understand.

  • Overall dimensions of the body pseudo-crossover bid with 6 car (front-wheel drive): 4810 mm length, 1855 mm Width, mm 1680 (with roof rails 1725 mm) height 2720 mm wheelbase, 190 mm ground clearance (ground clearance).
  • Curb weight kg. 1620-1700
  • The car is equipped with tires 225/65 P17 on legkoplavkim wheels size 17, a full-size spare wheel on a steel disk is installed outside under.

The external review body allows you to speak with confidence about the build quality, the gaps between the panels are minimal and uniform. The underside of the body of the SUV is neatly covered with plates of black plastic, the only question is the quality of the metal (which bends under finger pressure). The choice of enamel colors is quite modest: white, light gray, dark gray, brown, dark green and black. Unlike the Japanese prototype, the Chinese product looks somehow awkward and heavy.

Salon C6 pleases the first rate – large, bright with a wide filling base. Upon closer examination, it turned out: hard plastic, pressed leather with an unpleasant odor, it is impractical in our conditions, a slight aftertaste. The driver’s seat is set low, sitting comfortably, but there is not enough lateral support in corners. Leather-wrapped steering wheel adjustable in four directions, engine start button, instrument panel with a huge speedometer in the center and two 4.3-inch TFT displays for trip computer, tachometer and fuel supply (requires getting used to).
On the center console, hovering above the floor in the base (no transmission tunnel) – Radio (radio, CD USB and AUX 4 speakers), a dual-zone climate control unit, just below the gear knob. In more expensive versions, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen (CD and DVD USB and AUX Bluetooth input, navigation, 9 speakers), in the presence of a rear-view camera and a side view on the right side. In the second row of seats with a margin in all directions, three are convenient and comfortable. The trunk is just huge, all the seats in the internal volume of 1084 liters, folding the second row we get 2398 liters of compartment.
It is not yet known how many BYD S6 models will be offered to current drivers. In Ukraine, the choice of two configurations GLX and GS.

  • The initial configuration of the GLX includes ABS with EBD, two airbags, front and rear fog lights, leather interior, power heated mirrors, light sensor, alarm, central locking, fog lights, dual-zone climate control, on-board computer, radio.
  • At the top of the range, the GS will add side and curtain airbags, roof rails for the trunk, a power sunroof, parking sensors, a rear and side-view camera, and advanced touch-screen music.

Yes, the filling and the size of the cabin is impressive. We have not seen this in cars from China. Let’s not talk about ergonomics, practicality and proper operation of the equipment – you can only understand it in operation. In general, the inside of the car looks much better than the outside.

Specifications Bid C6: As mentioned above, this is a front wheel drive car. Suspension independent front and rear MacPherson, disc brakes, power steering.
There are two engines, both petrol four-cylinders:

  • The 2.0-liter MPI (138 hp) with 5 speed gears slowly accelerates a heavy car for a long and 12.9 seconds to 100 km / h, if desired, you can dial a maximum of 180 mph. The manufacturer promises fuel consumption of 6.9 liters in the city and 10.7 liters in the urban cycle. From the reviews of the first owners, I learned that on the highway at speeds up to 100 km / h, the crossover is between 8.4 and 8.6 liters in the city of 11-14 liters.
  • A more powerful 2.4-liter MPI (162 hp), automatic transmission 4 Tiprtonic automatic transmission, with a Chinese tandem crossover reaches the first hundred in 13.9 seconds and accelerates to a top speed of 185 miles per hour. Fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer, from 7.9 liters in the city to 12.8 liters in urban mode.

Test drive on BYD C6: version with 2-liter engine and manual transmission. Let’s start with what I liked: good visibility, acceptable sound and interior soundproofing. A comfortable, energy-intensive suspension is practically indifferent to the quality of the road surface – potholes, joints of the road surface of tram tracks are a great success. The cabin is quiet, interior elements do not emit squeaks and did not see crickets.
I didn’t like it: the engine is undersized for a car with such a mass, the gearbox with poorly matched relative numbers, without inclusions of definition (first and rear turns on with noticeable effort). The car rolls a lot in corners, the steering is without feedback (the steering wheel is just empty at any speed). When driving around the city, the engine power is enough at a stretch, but on the highway … before overtaking, you need to weigh everything and calculate the speed and distance to the oncoming car, switch to 3rd gear from fifth to wake up the engine.
What we have in the end: the BYD S6 front-wheel drive crossover is a solid appearance, elegant and large interior, rich equipment, comfortable suspension and interesting prices, on the one hand … and low engine power, uninformative steering, high fuel consumption (for such a motor ), to put it mildly, a vague gearbox.
We will refrain from advice, we shared our impressions.

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Chinese crossover BYD S6 inChinese crossover BYD S6 in
Chinese crossover BYD S6 in
Chinese crossover BYD S6 in
Chinese crossover BYD S6 in
Chinese crossover BYD S6 in

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