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1.5 billion for a car! Why are Bugatti cars so expensive?


Still, you probably heard the phrase of Ilf and Petrov “a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation"? Have you ever thought about how relevant this phrase is in the modern world? It seems to me that the leaders of world car production do not think so for a long time.

A car has long been not just a means of transportation, but also a luxury item. But even among them there are cars that amaze with their characteristics and price. Consider the once bankrupt, and now one of the most expensive brands that produces premium hypercars. After all, the top 3 most expensive cars in the world were released by this particular brand.

Without exception, everyone dreams of a comfortable, reliable, easy-to-handle, high-quality car. But we should expect that the higher the quality and quantity of built-in multifunctional "goodies", the higher the cost.

The company was founded back in 1909, and got its name, as you might have guessed, from the name of the founder and chief designer, Tori Bugatti.

Initially, the company specialized in assembling racing cars, but in 1987 the company was bought out and retrained for luxury sedans. After 11 years, the rights to the company were transferred to the Volkswagen group. They, in turn, began to collect hypercars for wealthy people. The prices for these cars are shocking…

1.5 billion for a car! Why are Bugatti cars so expensive?

One of the powerful models "Bugatti Chiron" costs up to 7 million dollars. The Bugatti Veyron is just starting out at $3 and $4 million. And the car "Bugatti La Voiture Noiry" is recognized as the most expensive car in the world and its price is $ 20 million. Not only because I have sweat on my forehead appeared from such numbers? And there was someone who bought the only model right away!

So why is it so expensive? Let’s try to figure it out.

The fact is that Bugatti does not manufacture a single part on its own. Yes, just imagine. All components are purchased from a network of suppliers around the world. Engines are created by Volkswagen, gearboxes are made by British engineers, windshields are made by porters, Germany and Italy are the load-bearing elements and body panels, Michelin is unique tires, and the German company Drag-7 supplies everything for the interior.

What do Bugatti do, you ask? The answer is very simple. Assembly!

1.5 billion for a car! Why are Bugatti cars so expensive?

They create a car based on the individual preferences of the client. The company offers 23 enamel colors, 8 exterior details, more than 30 leather colors and 8 types, 11 seat belt colors, 18 types of rug. In fact, the client collects his special car. As soon as the buyer is determined with all of the above, components are ordered.

Hypercars are assembled by hand, so the wait can be delayed for six months. 8 layers of paint are applied to the finished car, each layer is polished and dried separately. After the car has been painted, it is mandatory to re-inspect the build quality, paintwork, electronic systems, check the tightness of the body. Well, where without a test drive.

Cars are being tested on the airport runway. And the important thing is that this “procedure” is carried out in a protective film, and then the tires and oil are changed again. After all the tests, the film is removed, the final cleaning and polishing is carried out.

1.5 billion for a car! Why are Bugatti cars so expensive?

Now the article talked about the standard set of car components, but after all, every buyer who has already decided to purchase such a car is trying to create perfection and make all his fantasies come true. There are cases when owners choose bright and flashy colors, cover the car with an oxide film, add decorative elements.

One customer even wanted to add porcelain elements, and to build a bas-relief of an elephant between the seats. By the way, this is the first and currently the only machine of this kind in the world. Agree, "Bugatti" know how to surprise. Definitely expensive, but how beautiful!


Post source: wekauto.ru

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