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A new SUV that will be enough for grandchildren by buying in 2020


Have you noticed a deterioration in the quality of cars? Further we go, worse it becomes. Save, manufacturers put unreliable components and assemblies. No wonder they say that new cars are made by marketers, and not by an engineer, as it used to be. But despite such a policy, all the same, in 2020 there are worthy cars that will outlive you, will go to your grandchildren, subject to purchase today and careful handling, timely maintenance. And by the way, this is not Toyota! SUV from another Japanese brand. Read on to find out what I mean.

I do not want to idealize this SUV, because it is still not perfect and has flaws. But they are insignificant and do not fundamentally change anything. Okay, enough around, but about walking, I’ll name the model. This is Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. I think that this car has a huge margin of safety. It’s just worth doing some procedures after the purchase, and then he will not be afraid of anything, even when used to its fullest for its intended purpose.

As practice has shown, the weak point of this car is the paintwork. Therefore, it is worth protecting with a film the places where the stones fly. Yes, like the rest of the car: hood, roof. It is also worth paying attention to the arches, and it is even better to use not only a film, but also plastic lining (extenders). Then the car will look even more impressive, and off-road it will be protected from branches, stones, etc. Of course, buying from a dealer is more expensive, you can always buy it in a store.

A new SUV that will be enough for grandchildren by buying in 2020

And the bottom of the car should be treated with cannon fat. Moreover, in a specialized service, where the car is first washed from below, dried, and then applied in compliance with the technology. Not like most dealers do, offering anti-corrosion treatment as an option.

A new SUV that will be enough for grandchildren by buying in 2020

With such simple and not very expensive ways, you can save the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for many years. Well, of course, an oil change at least once every 7,000 km on a diesel engine. The rest of the machine with a huge margin of safety and without any serious flaws.

A bonus can be considered a good residual value on the Mtsubishi Pajero Sport. Unlike other brands (not counting, of course, Toyota), Mtsubishi do not depreciate quickly. Well, the leader in this regard is Toyota, but the price for them starts from marks much higher. And Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, subject to discounts, can be picked up for 2.3-2.5 million conventional units in a not very sad performance.

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