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BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof


BMW could hardly find a better time to present the sixth generation of its convertible based on the successful 3 and 4 series: waiting for the first sunny days of spring, the Munich automakers opened a test car garage and raised the roof of their new M440i convertible. So we went to get some fresh air for a test drive of new items.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof

The manufacturer is betting on an independent and distinctive car profile that should inspire customers, adding one plus to the accessories package – “significantly improved performance". What really means more engine power and improved driving dynamics.

First of all, these changes are reflected in the body, which has become much flatter. No wonder, because the new convertible has grown in length by almost 13 centimeters, and in width by about three centimeters. And so that the stretched body does not spoil the visual effect due to too closely spaced wheels, the track width and wheelbase have increased accordingly.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof

The fabric roof is back! But instead of stretching the upper material over a linkage the old-fashioned way, the engineers developed a "flat arc" technology with fabric-covered fixed elements that don’t form any joints and can be folded together into a Z-shape.

As a result, the car not only has an elegant appearance, but also a reduction in weight, as well as the ability to fit 300 liters of cargo space in the open trunk. When manipulating the roof, even 380 liters fit.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof

The saved weight, in turn, improves driving dynamics. With this lowering of the center of gravity, turns can be made even faster. BMW’s massive front grille and its controversial effect have already generated a lot of press coverage in the case of the 4 Series Coupe. The license plate, mounted on two radiator elements, looks like a bridge, which reduces the sharpness of the image to some extent.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof

The body has been specially modified to improve torsional rigidity: various types of steel have been used. BMW has also implanted special coupe-specific pillars and additional stiffeners at certain points on the body.

There is no doubt that these measures were not in vain: even on the first meters of a test drive, the steering precision with which the M440i fits into corners will amaze any driving expert.
The 3.0-litre inline-six engine, which can hardly be beaten in terms of smoothness, develops 374 hp. so rapidly that even the question arises whether such power is needed at all for a convertible.

The confidence with which this open-top four-seater takes the road will amaze anyone. The eight-speed Steptronic sports transmission plays a key role here, selecting the right gears discreetly and efficiently.

BMW M440i xDrive Convertible: in spring and without a roof

About noise: if the weather conditions are not suitable for open-top riding, another advantage of the new multi-layered fabric roof becomes apparent. Acoustic attenuation of noise from movement is implemented here as effectively as if the roof were sealed tightly.

The opening time of the convertible top is 18 seconds, even when driving at speeds up to 50 km / h. It works in autumn too: but why wait so long?

In March 2021, BMW is taking orders in Europe for the 4 Series Convertible, with the top model definitely not playing a major role. After all, you need to pay at least 74,400 euros for this. Prices start at €53,300 (for the 420i with 184bhp) or €55,800 (for the 420d with 190bhp).

Specifications BMW M440i xDrive Convertible

– Length / width / height: 4.77 / 1.85 / 1.39 meters

– Engine: 48V twin turbo inline six-cylinder petrol with hybrid technology

– Engine size: 2,998 cu.

– Power: 275 kW / 374 hp

— Max. torque: 500 Nm

– Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive.

– Acceleration: from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds

– Max speed: 250 km/h

– Standard consumption (WLTP): 8.4 – 7.8 l / 100 km

– CO2 emissions: 192 – 177 g/km

– Prices: from 74,400.00 euros

We thank colleagues from Global Press for their help in preparing the material. For BMW lovers, we offer our test drive BMW 3 vs Genesis G70:


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