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I want to sleep at the wheel: how to cheer up with lightning speed. Doing like truckers


Night riding is a special type of experience. There are no traffic jams, no scorching sun, the streets are hibernating. And you just drive along the road, resting from the daily traffic. But all this romance is spoiled by one feature of a person – at night you want to sleep. If the driver did not get enough sleep, and he will need to sit behind the wheel for a long time, then he will surely begin to sleep. It is not uncommon for tired motorists to nod off.

If any of you have been in a situation where you suddenly want to sleep, he understands what danger it is fraught with. You may get the wrong feeling that you can control everything. However, after a while you start to fall asleep without realizing it. By the way, this is the reason why so many accidents happen with drivers asleep – because of the false belief that you will not fall asleep and continue to turn the steering wheel.

And now I will tell you about a method that restores vigor. I emphasize right away that the desire to sleep will disappear, but for a while. In addition, you will not be able to be as attentive and quick in making decisions as a person who has had a full sleep. Therefore, the method, although working, is suitable when there is a short distance to the destination and you don’t want or can’t pause the trip.

All actions will take you about 5 minutes, well, 10 maximum. Park somewhere first. To get the maximum effect, you will need a cup of coffee, it is better if it is americano. If you don’t have access to coffee, it’s okay – you can do without it.

Sit back in the cabin and have a coffee drink (if you have one). Next, take the keys in the palm of your hand and hang it in such a way that when the hand is relaxed, the keys will easily fall out. While in this position, lower your eyelids and begin to fall asleep. When you fall asleep, the keys will fall out of your hand and you will wake up.

I want to sleep at the wheel: how to cheer up with lightning speed. Doing like truckers

In this case, you will wake up before the moment when the body is immersed in the phase of deep dreams. When you wake up, you will achieve the effect of cheerfulness. Thus, you will reboot your mind, providing it with clarity for a while. And caffeine is designed to prolong the period of your active state.

So, more or less active, you keep moving. To keep vigor for as long as possible, you can start chewing something like seeds or nuts. As you know, the chewing reflex neutralizes the generation of melatonin. And I remind you that this hormone causes a desire to sleep.

Finally, I will add that if you have a not so urgent trip and the deadline does not burn, it is better to stop somewhere and sleep for 1 hour. You still won’t be able to sleep for a long time, because. on the subconscious you will understand that you have not yet reached the end of the path.

Remember: it’s better to spend a little time sleeping than a few years or the rest of your life to spend money on treatment (your own or the person you crash into if you drive into the oncoming lane).

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