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Chip tuning BMW F30 320d – when reality exceeds expectations


The attitude to the concept of "car tuning" in our society is ambiguous. The noble English origin of the term, slightly downgraded by some car owners to refer to the new BMW bumper sticker, has already begun to be forgotten. However, the real tuning is to improve the characteristics of the device in terms of technical practicality or to increase comfort during operation. To do this, you need to be aware of new products in the automotive market, carefully study issues related to their feasibility and economic benefits, and also be able to predict several moves ahead, like an experienced chess player. A significant part of modern BMW cars, including F30 sedans, is equipped with various automation devices, the data from which are read by special sensors and sent centrally to the electronic control unit (ECU). The information is processed, and the process ends with the receipt of commands using a computer program to the actuators. Optimization and tuning of this process allows us to carry out chip tuning – a relatively new direction among diesel engines, the principle of which we propose to consider using the BMW F30 320d as an example.

1 Benefits of chip tuning

The use of the chip, even at low revs, increases the torque of the BMW, improving the dynamics of the car as a whole. Due to the increase in power, the efficiency of the engine increases, while fuel consumption not only does not increase, but vice versa. Thus, the BMW F30 320d chip tuning will quickly pay off and will soon start saving the family budget. Using the chip makes it easier and much safer not only to start but also to overtake other cars thanks to the faster accelerator pedal response.

Chip tuning BMW F30 320d - when reality exceeds expectations

The production of conveyor belts made it possible to significantly speed up and simplify the production of cars, including the BMW F30. However, a significant drawback remains: in the general flow, the factory settings of the electronics can have a number of drawbacks that turn, for example, into dips during overclocking. Chip tuning eliminates these annoying obstacles by rendering the operating system. The presence of a chip even affects the damping of the car: you will feel the difference when, under full load, familiar obstacles are overcome much more smoothly and smoothly. It is also known that air conditioning can adversely affect the dynamics of the car. This negative impact is greatly reduced by tuning.

Chip tuning BMW F30 320d - when reality exceeds expectations

Basically, chip installation technologies involve replacing the already installed electronics control algorithm, that is, the so-called customization for your BMW driving style. However, these technologies provide a quick and painless restoration of the factory settings of the system if necessary. There is also a technology according to which the settings specified by the manufacturer on the BMW F30 320d will not be affected when the chip is installed, since this happens without interfering with the on-board computer software and protecting the ECU. The 320d engine, unlike, for example, the 316 engine, has 184 hp, and with the use of tuning, it gets an increase in power by an average of about 30%, i.e. the power will already be 238 hp. The F30’s torque rises from 380 to 435 Nm with a 14% increase.

2 Effect of the chip on various engines

As for the chip tuning of the BMW F30 320i, here it is worth making a small digression on the model range of BMW cars. In this range is the powerful 328i engine with truly outstanding performance. To expand the model range, the 320i engine was invented with slightly reduced power, but at a more affordable price. If you set up such an engine and install a chip, you can almost match the performance of the 328i without wasting resources. The power of the F30 becomes 33% higher and instead of the standard 184 hp at 5000 rpm, the car owner gets 245 hp. (5500 rpm). Acceleration time is reduced from less than 8 seconds to 6 (from 0 to 100 km / h), torque is 350 Nm instead of 270 Nm.

Chip tuning BMW F30 320d - when reality exceeds expectations

In an absolutely identical way, you can chip tune the BMW F30 316 and get an engine with technical characteristics at a higher level than the BMW 318 model range. Unfortunately, for marketing reasons, the 318 F30 engine with 170 hp. He never went into the series, but his parameters are very tempting for those who have the F30 316 and only 136 hp under the hood. A software tweak with a chip would correct a historical injustice and increase BMW’s horsepower by almost 18%.

3 Software update procedure

The procedure for installing a microcircuit on a diesel F30 is laborious and requires the involvement of specialists. As mentioned earlier, it consists in updating the software already on the car that came off the assembly line. First, a thorough diagnosis of faults is carried out, because without their elimination it will be impossible to tune a BMW. The next step is to download the control program from the on-board computer, in which the necessary changes will be made. After the final setup, the software is re-entered and the electronic control unit is ready for operation.

All these manipulations require high professionalism and increased attention to detail. Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out tuning with the installation of a microcircuit on your own or with the involvement of craftsmen without sufficient qualifications.

Chip tuning BMW F30 320d - when reality exceeds expectations

Summarizing the possibilities described above, we can conclude that owners of engines for BMW, such as 320i and 316, can improve the performance of their car with minimal material costs and effort. Considering the bonus to fuel economy, which is especially important for the 316 engine, this is a good tuning investment. If you love comfort, care about the condition of your car, and are also interested in any possibility of improving the level of safety on the roads, then you need a BMW F30 chiptuning – to achieve everything at once.

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