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MG XC 2018 – the third crossover brand MG


The new Chinese crossover MG XR (MG, NS), which has become the serial embodiment of the MG X-movement concept and the third model of the MG brand, presented in China. In our review of the crossover MG UG 2018-2019 – news, photos, price, equipment and technical characteristics of the new MG brand SUV, which is part of the native platform brother crossover SUV Roewe RX5 (both brands of MG and Rovi are included in the Empire concern SAIC). Sales of the new MG UG crossover will begin in China in September 2018 at a price of 110,000 yuan (about 1,035 thousand conditional units), the start of sales of new products in the UK is scheduled for spring 2019.

MG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MGMG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MG

It should be noted right away that the MG UG crossover has expanded the range of the MG brand with 3 models, becoming the brand’s flagship today. The first-born of the company, as we remember, is the MG GS crossover presented in 2015 in China, and a year later celebrated its premiere at the London Motor Show 2016. The second model of the MG ZS subcompact crossover was shown in the fall of 2016 at the Guangzhou Motor Show. Both MG GS and MG ZS crossovers, by the way, are offered in the UK in the historic homeland of MG cars in addition to the Chinese market. The MG ZS subcompact crossover starts at £12,495 in the UK, and in the first 6 months of 2018, 4,286 have already found buyers, while in all of 2017 they were only sold in 1,993 funds. A larger crossover MG GS with a price tag of € 15,095 is less successful.

MG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MG

It is also worth noting that the serial crossover MG UG is in many ways similar to the prototype MG X-motion concept shown in the spring of 2018 in Beijing. That’s just to build the concept of MG x-motion, the frame chassis of the Rovi RX8 SUV is used, and the MG GS serial crossover uses a scalable platform with completely independent CCA architecture, front and rear suspension (new bearing body, and, of course, without a frame). So splattermania have a new crossover number MG Roewe SUV and MG RX5 GS.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the MG UG 2018-2019 are 4574 mm long and 1876 mm wide, and 1664 mm high, 2720 mm wheelbase and 190 mm ground clearance.
  • The crossover MG XR is significantly larger than the platform brothers, not only in length (from the MG GS after updating the body length is 4510 mm, and the crossover SUV Roewe RX5 body, respectively, the length is 4545-4556 mm), but also the distance between the axles is more than 70 mm than mg GS and 20mm than in Roewe RX5.
  • In this case, not only 17-18 inch wheels are available for the new MG crossover (alloy wheels with tires 215/60 R17 235/50 P18), but also large 19-inch wheels, which adds to the muscular body of the SUV even more solid and presentable.

Front MG HS sports all-LED headlights with characteristic daytime running lights pattern (expensive equipment), stylish inverted trapezoid grille with elegant figure, powerful bumper with charismatic assistance, air vents and large foglights.

On the side, the body of the new Chinese crossover powerfully demonstrates exaggerated side surfaces (front and rear fenders, doors, first and second rows), round wheel arches, a low roof to the stern, compact to the stern with original folds emphasizing the rear roof pillars.

The stern of the crossover is also endowed with many modern and stylish design solutions. In the presence of high-mounted LED rear lights, a neat luggage compartment with compact glass, traditionally topped with a spoiler, a bumper in a protective suit made of black plastic, complemented by fog lights and two heavy tailpipe tips.

MG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MGMG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MG

The interior of the new MG UG crossover is 5-seater by default and will please the driver and passengers with a lot of modern equipment, high-quality materials, careful assembly and a lot of modern equipment. There is a compact multi-function steering wheel, a virtual instrument panel, aircraft-style side vents (they look like jet engines), a multimedia system with a 10.1-inch color touch screen, a neat center console that flows smoothly into a powerful tunnel between the front seats.

The photo shows the interior of the richest configuration (sports version of the trophy) of the Chinese SUV MG UG. Therefore, in addition to the above equipment, there is dual-zone climate control with a comfortable control unit, sports seats for the driver and front passenger in combination with leather trim and headrests integrated into the backrests, front panel and door cards trimmed with leather, Bose premium audio system, LED lights in the background (choose a glow color from 64 options), panoramic glass sunroof, electric parking brake, hill descent assistant, cruise control with speed limiter and other modern features.

MG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MGMG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MG

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of an electronic complex mg pilot. However, in fact, there is no autopilot, and in the arsenal of the complex there is only a blind spot, already traditional for most modern car control systems, a rear-view mirror, observing the markings and warnings about the approach of cars in the transverse direction when driving and in the opposite direction.

MG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MGMG XC 2018 - the third crossover brand MG

Technical characteristics of mg cholesterol in 2018-2019.

The new mid-size crossover MG on a modern scalable CCA platform with a fully independent suspension of the front and rear wheels (McPherson struts are installed in front, multi-link in the back). Electric power steering, all-wheel disc brakes with an electric parking brake, front-wheel drive by default, but optional for the crossover version with a powerful 220-horsepower engine, it is possible to order an all-wheel drive transmission (all-wheel drive) with a multi-plate clutch that provides connection for rear wheel drive.

Under the hood of the new Chinese crossover, two gasoline four-cylinder engines with turbo boost will be registered.

  • The base 1.5 turbo engine (169 hp 250 Nm) is paired with a 6 manual transmission or a 7-speed DCT robotic gearbox with two dry clutch plates.
  • The more powerful 2.0 turbo engine (220 hp 350 Nm) only works in tandem with a 6-speed DCT robotic gearbox with a pair of wet clutches.

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