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Crossover Aurus Komendant: published characteristics


According to the original plan, the Komendant crossover should become the third and most massive model in the Aurus brand line. The first prototype was ready in the spring of 2019, and since then, camouflaged vehicles have repeatedly appeared in tests, but the premiere of the Commandant has not yet taken place. But the crossover is already certified! In the open database of Rosstandart, a Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS) appeared, issued for a batch of 150 vehicles, indicating many characteristics.

Aurus Komendant has an industry index of 4124 and is built on the same unified modular platform (UMP) as the Senat sedan (index 4123) and the Arsenal minivan (index 4125). In addition, the crossover was the shortest in the family: its length is 5380 mm (252 mm less than the Senate), and the wheelbase is 3100 mm (200 mm shorter than the sedan). Width – 2004 mm, height – 1820 mm (plus 131 mm to the sedan). That is, in terms of dimensions, Komendant is comparable to Rolls-Royce Cullinan (length 5341 mm) or Cadillac Escalade (length 5382 mm).

Crossover Aurus Komendant: published characteristics

Judging by the certificate, the Aurus crossover will have a five-seat interior, and the total allowable weight will be the maximum allowable for the “passenger" category of 3495 kg. At the same time, the curb weight is 3235 kg, that is, the carrying capacity according to the passport is only 260 kg. A towing trailer is not provided, but in the “quote” column from the Commander (as well as from the Senate) it says “special purpose vehicle to protect the life and health of passengers”, and in addition there is a note that the body is ready to “mount armor”. According to Autoreview, there will be an armored version from the factory. Conventional tires – dimension 255/55 R20.

Technically Komendant almost completely repeats other Aurus and is equipped with a hybrid power plant. The gasoline engine NAMI-4123 (V8 4.4) with direct injection and two turbochargers runs on AI-98 gasoline and produces 598 hp and 880 Nm. A synchronous electric motor with a maximum power of 63 hp is built into the nine-speed "automatic" KATE. (rated power – 38 hp).

Crossover Aurus Komendant: published characteristics

The rear overhang houses an Enertech lithium-ion traction battery. The battery weighs 102 kg, its capacity is 16 Ah, the operating voltage is 220-361 volts. The commandant has a power steering, ventilated disc brakes on all wheels, as well as an all-wheel drive transmission with a chain in the transfer case and an electronically controlled electromagnetic clutch responsible for connecting the front axle. The only major difference between the crossover and other Aurus is air suspension instead of springs. Unfortunately, the clearance in OTTS is not indicated.

When will the Aurus Komendant see the light of day? His debut has already been postponed several times, so it is difficult to give an exact date. Adil Shirinov’s last pledge last fall included the first quarter of 2022. But Shirinov himself left the post of head of Aurus in December, so plans may be revised more than once. The start of production of crossovers at the Yelabuga plant is scheduled for this summer and, according to the plan, they will account for most of the production capacity of the Yelabuga plant (5,000 vehicles per year).

Post source: wekauto.ru

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