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Another “green” pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next week


The premiere of the prototype of the Californian manufacturer will be held on August 24 at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles (USA).

They started talking about the next “battery" startup Alpha in December 2020: then the company showed its first model. Her role was played by a small electric Ace coupe with a retro look in the style of American subcompacts of the 70s. In the future, the manufacturer intends to launch the production of a whole family of passenger and commercial vehicles. Production of the first should begin in 2023.

Alpha earlier this year also introduced a version of the Ace coupe with the Performance Edition prefix. This car has a more aggressive exterior, all-wheel drive (the “simple” Ace has rear-wheel drive), as well as a wider track and larger wheel arches. The two-door reduced the acceleration time from standstill to almost “hundreds” (up to 97 km / h) to 4.6 seconds (for the usual version, the indicator is 6 seconds). And the power reserve of the electric car was reduced: from 400 km to 350 km.

In February, the company declassified another new product, it was the Jax crossover. The model name is an abbreviation for the Junior All-Terrain Crossover. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery built into the floor of the SUV is 75 kWh. The power reserve on one charge for this model is 400 km. The drive can be either front or full. Acceleration to almost “hundreds” takes the same 4.6 seconds.

Now the Californian startup is preparing for the presentation of the Alpha Wolf electric pickup truck. The debut will take place next week, August 24th. The novelty will be shown at the Petersen Automobile Museum (Los Angeles, USA). Previously, we saw the Wolf truck only in sketches, but now the company is preparing to declassify the prototype of a future product novelty. The launch of mass production of this pickup truck is scheduled for the end of 2023.

It is assumed that the Wolf will subsequently become a family of pickups: it will also include a version with a one-and-a-half cab and shortened rear doors that open against the direction of travel – Wolf Plus; as well as a variant with a two-row cab, designed for four riders, and four open metal doors – Superwolf. Note that the length of the Alpha Wolf is 4765 mm, the width is 1930 mm, and the height is 1685 mm. The variant with the prefix "super" dimensions – 5450 x 1995 x 1760 mm, respectively.

Another "green" pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next weekAnother "green" pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next week
Another "green" pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next week
Another "green" pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next week
Another "green" pickup: Alpha Wolf will be shown next week

According to preliminary data, the “green” Wolf pickup will have versions with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (either with one or two electric motors, respectively). They will offer a choice of a pair of batteries – with a capacity of either 75 or 85 kWh, the power reserve on a single charge is likely to be 402 or 442 km. From a standstill to almost “hundreds”, the truck can accelerate in 6.2 seconds. The older pickup truck accelerates to 97 km / h (up to 60 mph) in 6.5 seconds.

Of course, there is no official cost of the future novelty yet, but there is an approximate price tag. Presumably, for the basic version of the Alpha Wolf electric pickup, buyers will have to pay about 40 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to about 2.97 million conventional units at the current rate.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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