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Lamborghini plans: the brand’s first electric car may appear in 2027


Even the Italian company Volkswagen is optimistic about the future of cars running on synthetic fuels.

In general, Lamborghini can be defined as a niche car manufacturer. At the end of last year, dealerships in the Old World sold 1996 vehicles, almost 8% less than the previous year. Apparently, this decline can be explained by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, because until 2020, sales have been growing steadily since 2014. Also this year, the figure is back on the plus side, with 1,981 units purchased from January to October, a 17.6% increase over the first ten months of 2020.

Lamborghini plans: the brand's first electric car may appear in 2027

Фа :ото: Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae Roadster

It is worth noting that now the manufacturer has the opportunity to sell gasoline cars in the old world market, but this will soon disappear. The fact is that local economic regulations continue to tighten, in some countries it is planned to completely ban the sale of cars with traditional internal combustion engines in a few years.

Therefore, Lamborghini will have to go green. Previously, the company talked about plans for the electrification of the model range, which will take place in several stages. So it was reported that the final stage, designed for 2025-2030, involves the development and production of its own electric supercar. More precise dates for the appearance of the brand’s first electric car have now become known: according to Yahoo Finance, in an interview with Lamborghini chief executive Stefan Winkelmann, a completely "battery" novelty should be expected in 2027 or 2028.

Lamborghini plans: the brand's first electric car may appear in 2027

In the photo: Lamborghini Urus

Earlier, the company noted that the electric car will not be a "green" version of any of the existing models, but a completely new car in the brand’s serial line. About what this "battery" novelty will be, there is no information yet. The company only clarified that "high-performance" models will remain in the first place for Lamborghini.

Prior to electric vehicles, the brand intends to launch several mass-produced hybrids. Recall that the brand’s lineup includes Sian with a gasoline-electric installation, which the company showed a couple of years ago, but this model has a limited (and rather modest) circulation. The first serial hybrid of the Italian brand will appear in 2023, it is assumed that the successor to the Aventador or the Urus crossover will receive such a “stuffing". The company noted that by the end of 2024, all cars will be hybrids, including the successor to the Huracan.

Lamborghini plans: the brand's first electric car may appear in 2027

In the photo: Lamborghini Huracan EVO

Stefan Winkelmann also signaled that there is hope for extending the life of vehicles with internal combustion engines linked to synthetic fuels. Recall that Porsche and Siemens Energy launched a joint project to develop technology for the industrial production of synthetic climate-neutral fuels (eFuels) in 2020. It is assumed that it can be used in conventional engines without any modifications even after the entry into force of strict environmental regulations in Europe.

The company noted that the current year will be a record sales for Lamborghini: every month the dealers of the brand sell more cars than in the previous one. recently, the brand also has its own buyer: as we reported earlier, it is known that in the first three quarters of 2021, 148 new Lamborghini were recently registered. Of these, 123 Urus crossovers, 13 units. — for supercars Aventador 11 pcs. – about Huracan and, judging by the characteristics, one more thing. – Sian hybrid.

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