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What electric bus do we need?


Over the past few years, the introduction of electric buses instead of gas and diesel buses and trolleybuses has been actively discussed in our country. There are two opinions:

  • some say that an electric bus is needed, since it is more environmentally friendly than buses and its quality will become higher, since “demand creates supply", the direction will develop and the equipment will not break. Electric buses have been produced recently, in Germany and in other countries.
  • others say that an electric bus is not needed, as there is a ready-made eco-friendly option – trolleybuses. The trolleybus is powered by the mains and does not need a huge, expensive battery.

There are convincing arguments “For” and “Against”, so we will not argue with these understandable opinions.

Who is for electric buses, and who is against? Why?

Write your opinion in the comments.

What electric bus do we need?What electric bus do we need?
What electric bus do we need?
What electric bus do we need?
What electric bus do we need?
What electric bus do we need?
What electric bus do we need?

In any case, electric buses are already on our roads. We looked at some of them and made a small top. Electric buses in the photo selection are in order.

electric bus

eCITARO – Electric bus from Mercedes. There is a short version eCITARO 2-3 doors, and there is a long version eCITARO G 3-4 doors. We are interested in a longer model. Specifications for the 4-door model, unfortunately, the photo shows only a three-door car (1 and 2 photos), the four-door version has a slightly longer trailer.

  • Number of seats: 41;
  • Number of standing places: 104;
  • Electric bus length: 18.125 mm;
  • Electric bus width: 2.550 mm;
  • Electric bus height: 3.400 mm;
  • Turning diameter: 22.928 mm;
  • Engine: ZF AVE 130 with electric motors located close to the wheel hubs;
  • Power: 2 x 125 kW;
  • Max. torque: 2 x 485 Nm

Very nice bus. I would like to have the same traveled around the city. Most likely the Mercedes badge will be replaced with a glowing city badge, but it’s still cool. Quite beautiful on the inside.

KAMAZ-6282 electric bus (Nefaz)

Already familiar to many electric bus.

  • Number of seats: 33;
  • Number of standing places: 85;
  • Electric bus length: 12.400 mm;
  • Electric bus width: 2.540 mm;
  • Electric bus height: 3.260 mm;
  • Engine: asynchronous (electroportal
  • bridge ZF AVE130-400VAC);
  • Power: 2 x 125 kW;
  • Max. torque: 2 x 485 Nm
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h

A good car that is not much inferior to its competitors. I only like the appearance, modified specifically for Moscow transport, the original version looks rather weak.


Another interesting electric bus.

  • Capacity: 105 people;
  • Electric bus length: 12.000 mm;
  • Electric bus width: 2.500 mm;
  • Electric bus height: 3.280 mm;
  • Power: 160 kW;
  • Max. torque: 400 Nm.

That’s all for now…


Post source: wekauto.ru

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