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Mitsubishi Pajero 4. Expensive. Rich.


Mitsubishi Pajero 4. Expensive. Rich.

Mitsubishi Pajero 4 replaced the third generation Pajero in 2006, it differs from its predecessor in body and interior design, a new engine, brake system, and transmission.

The fourth generation Pajero has become more elegant, while losing a bit of a sporty look. The new model received more even features, at the same time, recognition with the previous generation was preserved.

In the basic configuration of the model, one can single out the presence of a winter kit, which includes heated windscreen washer nozzles, electric heating of mirrors and front seats, in addition, there are rear fog lights, side mirrors with turn signal repeaters, climate control, numerous electronic systems responsible for comfort and traffic safety. Side mirrors and door handles are painted in body color. In more expensive trim levels, it may have a sunroof, a rear spoiler and power leather seats, a 9-inch widescreen display with a DVD player, a navigation system, a rear-view camera for parking assistance. The trunk of the Pajero IV has a large number of drawers for storing various small things, two sockets, and in expensive versions there is a subwoofer. 

The car is equipped with three engines. These are two petrol units and a diesel. From the first: a 3.8-liter version with a power of 250 hp, equipped with an electronically controlled valve timing and MIVEC valve lift. On models up to 2011, this engine is adapted for the conditions of countries with a cold climate, is designed for operation on 92-octane gasoline and complies with Euro-2 standards. A more modern version since 2011 has an ecological type "Euro-4" and the type of fuel used AI-95. Less whimsical is a three-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 178 hp, which consumes 92nd gasoline. Turbo diesel 3.2 l, 200 hp has an electronic direct injection system and a timing chain drive. He is able to disperse the car to hundreds in 12 s, demonstrating relatively low fuel consumption for an "adult" SUV – 10-11 liters in mixed mode. The main versions of the cars are equipped with a sequential adaptive automatic transmission INVECS-II Sports Mode. The only option with a five-speed mechanics offers the basic equipment Invite.

Mitsubishi Pajero independent suspension has not undergone significant changes. Also, the Russian Pajero is equipped with an improved Super Select 4WD III transmission, in which its capabilities are supplemented by the function of a forced rear differential lock. The transmission can be used in four modes designed for different road conditions. 

Padzherik’s security is top notch. In addition to front and side airbags (air curtains are an option), the equipment of the car, starting with the “Intense" configuration, includes a complex of active safety systems and M-ASTC cross-country ability, including a dynamic MASC (Mitsubishi Active Stability Control) stabilization system, traction control the MATC (Mitsubishi Active Traction Control) system and the MEBAC (Mitsubishi Engine Brake Assistant Control) engine braking assistance system for off-road descents. 

While the car is new, or fairly new, it does not cause big problems in maintenance and service. But the first Padzheriks of the fourth series are already more than 10 years old, and when buying this unit, it is worth preparing for investments, both temporary and financial. 

The car has weaker body rigidity, respectively, in the places where the moving parts of the body come into contact, the paintwork was one of the first to suffer, and after more than ten years, few of the cars still drive in their native paint, so you need to look at the condition of all elements upon purchase with special care. Particularly weak points are the tailgate and hinges, and the hood. 

Pajero is an SUV, and by definition it must climb into the mud, but the lack of roads, and sometimes even directions, does not have the best effect on the body, razdatka, box and suspension as a whole. If the previous owner is an avid conqueror of forests and swamps, then the car will be "tired" to the very best. So go to the track and check the operation of all components and assemblies in action, extraneous noise, aircraft rumble, crunches and other incomprehensible sounds – for money and a headache. 

In terms of engines, and the choice is not great, either diesel 3.2 or gasoline 3.8, the gasoline engine caused more problems, but over time, diesel became at risk, and diesel and diesel equipment are more expensive both for spare parts and for repairs by almost 50% from gasoline, so the engines also need to be looked at, felt, smelled. 

3.8 gasoline – it eats fuel in buckets, with mileage it starts to eat oil in the same quantities, so if neither oil scraper rings nor piston rings have been changed before you, pay you. 

By this time, the electronics begin to fail, so that sensors, injectors, blocks are at risk, it is better to clarify with the owner what has changed and what else is "native". 

Cooling radiators are a weak link, look for leakage. 

The front wiper trapezoid is also in the same risk zone. 

Drives due to breaks in the anthers of the CV joints and their untimely replacement can lead to the death of the drive, and it costs more than one penny. 

The automatic transmission is simple enough and reliable, but by 300 thousand it will be asked for repairs. Severe operating conditions and powerful engines will do their dirty work, so if you have not been repaired before, get ready. 

Souring disease of brake calipers. You can save with a repair kit, if there is something else to save. 

The suspension is strong enough, but the service life of the main parts is a maximum of 200 thousand kilometers, so if there are still native shock absorbers, then they have long been in heaven. 

The hubs are quite expensive, they will ask for about 30 thousand conditional units in a circle, so listen, listen and diagnose. 

If there is a hatch, then there is a problem. 

If the seats are electric, then there is a problem. 


You need to search for a long time, from good and caring hands, otherwise you will have a beast-car, from the whole on which there will be only wheels, and those square ones. 


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