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New market for the van: the “third” Renault Kangoo expands its geography


The model will be sent to Australia: it should enter the market at the end of 2022. There will be versions with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as with a fully electric “stuffing”.

The French company Renault has been producing the Kangoo since 1997. The model of the current third generation was presented in November 2020, later, in the spring of this year, the technical characteristics of the novelty became known. The second generation car has been on the market for a long time, since 2007. In Europe, Kangoo has been losing customers since 2018 and quite quickly. At the end of last year, dealers sold 8,838 cars here, which is 36.8% less than in 2019. This year, the model has a less obvious “minus”: in the period January-October (more recent data is not available), 6282 copies were sold, which is 8.7% less than in ten months of last year.

New market for the van: the "third" Renault Kangoo expands its geography

In the photo: third generation Renault Kangoo

The fact that the new generation Renault Kangoo will appear in Australia only at the end of 2022, according to the local edition drive.com.au. Now the model is presented here: versions more than ten years ago are still on sale (such a Kangoo has been sold on this market since 2010). Importer Renault Ateco has yet to announce a more specific launch date for the next-generation van for sale in Australia.

New market for the van: the "third" Renault Kangoo expands its geography

The new Kangoo with petrol and diesel internal combustion engines is expected to be the first to enter the Australian market (tentatively in the third quarter of next year). Later, a fully electric version will join them (most likely in the fourth quarter).

At the heart of the new Renault Kangoo is the CMF-C/D modular “trolley”, which is based, among other things, on the current Renault Kadjar, the crossover of the alliance partner, the Nissan X-Trail, and, of course, the “twin” of the French brand's van – Mercedes-Benz T-class. Recall that the car received a gasoline “turbo quattro” with a volume of 1.3 liters in two thrust options – 100 hp. (maximum torque – 200 Nm) and 130 hp. (240 Nm). The 1.5-liter turbodiesel has three power options – 75 hp. (230 Nm), 95 hp (260 Nm) and 115 hp (270 Nm). The range of gearboxes includes a six-speed “mechanics” and a seven-speed “automatic” type DCT (with two clutches). To drive such a car only in front.

New market for the van: the "third" Renault Kangoo expands its geography

The “green” Kangoo E-Tech Electric is equipped with a single electric motor, which is located on the front axle. Its power is 122 hp and maximum torque is 245 Nm. Only one battery is offered, its power is 45 kW *, and the range allows you to drive up to 300 km on a single charge (calculation was carried out according to the WLTP cycle).

Please note that the standard truck version of the new Renault Kangoo has a wheelbase of 2716 mm and an overall length of 4486 mm. This “heel” is capable of carrying 3.3 cubic meters of cargo (if you fold the passenger seat, the capacity will increase to 3.9 cubic meters). The carrying capacity of such a van is up to 800 kg.

New market for the van: the "third" Renault Kangoo expands its geographyNew market for the van: the "third" Renault Kangoo expands its geography

While there is no exact information about the prices of new items in the Australian market. Of course, they will grow, but by how much is not yet clear. The starting price of the current old Renault Kangoo here is now 26,290 local dollars (equivalent to about 1.4 million conventional units at current exchange rates). For the diesel version, you need to pay at least $32,490 (about 1.7 million conventional units), and for the “battery” version of the ZE – at least $50,290 (about 2.7 million conventional units).

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