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Ravon Matiz 2016 – Matiz hatchback changed logo


The new compact hatchback Ravon Matiz 2016-2017 model year from GM-Uzbekistan offers current motorists can buy at a very attractive price from 314 conditional units. The new Ravon Matiz 2016-2017 budget city car of the European class is, of course, not a full-fledged novelty, but to replace the old familiar Daewoo Matiz logo, it has been produced with minor changes since 1998. We invite our readers to get acquainted with the model from Ravon Matiz – in the review of photos and videos, specifications and configuration of a compact five-door hatchback.

Ravon Matiz 2016 - Matiz hatchback changed logo

The legendary Daewoo Matiz, being the leader of many years of sales in the Super-Mini class on the current market with a result of more than 60%, by the will of fate changed his name to Ravon Matiz. Similar metamorphoses have been observed since the Chevrolet Spark was renamed the Ravon R2, the Chevrolet Aveo was named the Ravon Nexia R3, the Chevrolet Cobalt became the Ravon R4, and the Daewoo sedan changed to degenerate the Ravon changed. The car has not changed at all, both outside and inside, if you do not take into account the new childike on the front and rear of the body, but the emblem on the steering wheel. It remains not only the technical stuffing, but the price of cars after the rebranding.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Ravon Matiz 2016-2017 are identical to the dimensions of the Daewoo Matiz and the length is 3497 mm, 1495 mm wide, 1485 mm high and 2,340 mm wheelbase and 150 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • The front track is 1315 mm, the rear track is 1280 mm, the minimum turning radius is 4.55 meters.

Uzbek GM-Uzbekistan offers 12 different enamel colors for outdoor budget hatchbacks, the most stylish of which are perhaps bright red, glaze, yellow green.

Ravon Matiz 2016 - Matiz hatchback changed logo

The interior of Ravon Matiz is in the fullest sense simple and boring, in a word Hello from the 90s of the 20th century. A simple dashboard, steering wheel, center console, door cards, front seats and budget trim materials from hard and transparent plastic. Matiz, with a modest size of the body and interior, opens the luggage compartment, which can accommodate, depending on the position of the back of the rear seats, from 155 to 480 liters Trunk volume and load capacity of 440 kg.

  • в последнее время новый Матиз из Равон предлагается в шести фиксированных комплектациях.
    Базовая версия по стоимости от 314 тысяч условных едениц оснащен очень скромно, в наличии складные задние сиденья, ткань обивки сидений (ткань облегченная), аудиоподготовка, регулировка передних фар, задний противотуманный фонарь, стальные 13-дюймовые диски с шинами, шины 145/70 R13.
  • Более интенсивный пакет за 340 тыс. достоинству оценят более высокое качество мягкие стулья (ткань стандарт) аудио система с 2 динамиками (АМ / FM радио, CD и MP3 проигрыватель, AUX разъем, USB-порт), задний стеклоочиститель, бамперы, окрашенные в цвет кузова и крыши антенну.
  • Платить 370 условных едениц, покупатель нового Равон Матиз с в дополнение к выше, могут также рассчитывать на кондиционер.
  • The next more expensive equipment costing 380 conventional units adds central locking, a digital clock, a rear acoustic shelf with two additional speakers, power steering, remote trunk release, front power windows, athermal windows, rear-view mirrors with turn signal repeaters, but lack car air conditioning.
  • Equipment for 410 thousand conventional units repeats the content of the previous version, and the air is returned to the list of installed equipment.
  • The most expensive version of the world sport 414 with R13 C alloy wheels and this differs from the 410 conventional configuration.

Specifications Ravon Matiz 2016-2017: a budget front-wheel drive hatchback on a platform with front independent suspension (MacPherson struts) and rear semi-independent suspension (torsion beam), Brakes Front disc, rear drum.
Petrol engine 0.8-liter three-cylinder (51 HP or 63.7 Nm) paired with a 5 manual transmission.
A modest budget engine accelerates a hatchback with a curb body weight of 770 kg from 0 to 100 km / h-17.0 seconds, a maximum speed of 144 km / h, fuel consumption according to the passport from 5 liters on a country road to 7.4 liters in urban mode. By modern standards, the engine is economical, but given the modest capacity of the 35-liter tank, then the owners of the stations will have to visit filling stations quite often.

Ravon Matiz test 2016-2017 video

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