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Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan


Chinese Koros 3 GT autonomica in 2017-2018, the first news, photos, price and technical characteristics of a sedan-SUV, created with an eye on the Russian concept Lada Vesta Cross. The official premiere of the new Cross-Coros 3 GT sedan was held on November 18, 2016 at the Chinese Auto Show in Guangzhou. Production and sales of the new Koros 3 GT will begin in China before the end of 2016 at a price of 110,900 to 139,900 yuan (1,042,000-1,320,000 standard units).

Koros, under the wing of the automotive giant Chery car, plans to bring a new product to the current market in 2017, ahead of which is the debut of a new cross sedan and cross hatchback based on the Lada Vesta sedan, the serial production of which was postponed to 2018.

Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan

It is possible that over time the Chinese will not only start deliveries of Koros 3 gt recently, but even organize local production in the territory recently, but it is unlikely to compete with a domestic SUV, especially with an eye to the cost of their new products.

Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan

Technically and externally, the new Qoros 3 GT sedan is almost identical and a copy of the Qoros 3 City SUV presented two years ago (both, by the way, is based on the front-wheel drive platform of the first-born Qoros 3 sedan). So the new coupe sedan fully possesses all the attributes of the crossovergames of the pseudo-republic hatchback Koros 3 City SUV. It’s just not clear why the all-terrain station wagon will give you a GT console?

Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan

Chinese New actually looks very stylish and aggressive. Strong plastic lining on the edges of the wheel arches, the lower part of the doors and sills, a solid front bumper with large foglights and chrome decorations, a spoiler on the trunk lid, a powerful rear bumper with krupnokalibernogo exhaust tips, original design 18-inch wheels with 215/55 R18 tires .

The cross-sedan is equipped as standard with headlamps with LED cilia-position lamps and LED position lamps.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Koros 3 GT 2017-2018 are 4626 mm long, 1854 mm wide and 1509 mm high wheelbase 2698 mm and 224 mm!!! ground clearance.

Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan

For cars, it offers various individualization packages: two spoilers, two rear-view mirror housings, brake calipers painted in bright orange, stickers on the doors, hood and even a roof-rear support, giving the car a sportier and more aggressive look.

The interior of the new SUV sedan, like the body of the car, of course, repeats the interior design of the Qoros 3 sedan and the Qoros 3 City SUV with a modern front panel and center console, comfortable seats and a good range of equipment, ranging from a very informative instrument panel with a 3.5-inch a color screen and a multimedia system with a color 8-inch touch screen, ending with climate control and a host of electronic security systems.

However, the Koros 3 GT can additionally boast the original seat trim (Split leather and a special dirt-repellent fabric) with embroidered GT letters and decorative inserts on the front panel, door cards and a central tunnel made of aluminum.

The cross-sedan’s boot is capable of carrying 450 liters of cargo with the standard 40:60 split position of the rear seatback up to 900 liters when it’s folded down.
The length of the barrel varies from 960 mm and no more than 1830 mm, the maximum width is 1380 mm, the height is 550 mm.

Coros 3 GT 2017 – Chinese coupe sedan

Specifications Koros 3 GT 2017-2018.
All terrain sedan is front-wheel drive by default and has a simple suspension architecture with MacPherson struts up front and a torsion beam at the rear.
Under the hood is a non-alternative gasoline four-cylinder 1.6 turbo (156 hp 230 Nm), paired exclusively with a 6th gear DCT with two clutch discs. Perhaps there will be a 6-speed version. manual transmission, but later.
The engine and gearbox provide the sedan’s all-terrain acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph. According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption is 6.8-7.0 liters of gasoline.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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