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Crossover MG GS – London debut


New crossover MG GS 2016-2017 – photo and video, price and full technical specifications for the Chinese SUV MG UG. The new Chinese crossover MG officially debuted in Europe on May 5, 2016, as part of the London Auto Show in China held a year ago as part of the Shanghai Motor Show. Sales in the UK start in June for under £ 18,000, the crossover is priced at 100,970 to 170,970 yuan in China (roughly £10,700-18,120). Perhaps during 2016 the new crossover from China MG GS will be available in other European countries.

Crossover MG GS - London debut

And so the news is a Chinese crossover from MG cars. Yes, it is Chinese, because the rights to the legendary British brand Morris garages have been owned by the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group since 2005, which, in turn, in 2007 entered the orbit of China’s largest manufacturer, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIK Motor).
It is clear that the novelty is only conditional – it is a Chinese product. Design, development and final assembly of MG vehicles for the European market specialists in England at Gupta Motor Technical Center UK. On the assembly line of the plant in Longbridge (industrial area of ​​Birmingham) the assembly of passenger cars by CKD-assembly is a hatchback for MG3 and MG5, MG6 sedan and MG GT, the company which is diluted with the new crossover MG GS. Interestingly, the kits are delivered to England from China, where a huge factory in Shanghai is a complete production cycle (stamping parts, painting the body and assembling the car).
So the new crossover MG GS can be called Japanese-British. The novelty, by the way, has a very original and stylish appearance. It would seem that the exterior design of the body is quite simple, but a lot of unusual details make the car stand out from the competition, in which marketers Morris garages recorded on the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai.
The body of a British-Chinese crossover with compact headlights and neat shades of marker lights, durable and powerful bumpers, comfortable running boards, powerful wheel arches and original studs on the hood, doors with a high sill and compact glass. The new one looks dynamic, sporty and exciting, in a word, a stylish coupe-shaped crossover body.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the MG GS 2016-2017 are 4500 mm long, 1855 mm wide, 1675 mm (1699 mm with roof rails) in height, with a wheelbase of 2650 mm and 185 mm ground clearance.
  • Depending on the level of equipment, the car is equipped with light alloy wheels 17-18 inch wheels with tires 215/60 R17 and 235/50 R18. In China, the crossover is equipped as standard with steel wheels with R16 tires 215/65 R16.

The interior of the new MG GS sedan is a five-seater and the ability to comfortably and comfortably accommodate the driver and his passengers. Seats with a margin in all directions, as in the first and second row. The luggage compartment of the car is able to take from 483 liters the volume of cargo behind the rear row of seats, to 1336 liters, with the transformation of the separate rear row backrests into a flat trunk floor.
Front seats with an excellent profile and expressive lateral support rollers, a wide range of adjustments (optional electric drive), in the second row, passengers use individual backrests with stepped adjustment.

Crossover MG GS - London debut

The design of the front panel and center console, in general, is modern and stylish, but the console is clearly overloaded with buttons that take a long time to figure out. Otherwise, everything is super: a comfortable steering wheel with a thick rim, an informative instrument panel with an on-board computer screen, a large color display of the multimedia system, equipment weight and high-quality materials.
The basic equipment of the new MG GS crossover for the European market is not yet known, but filling out the richest version is impressive. Available leather trim seats, 8 airbags, keyless entry to the cabin and engine start button, standard immobilizer with alarm, ABS, EBD systems, EVA, ACP, ESP, assistant when starting uphill and downhill, electric sunroof, leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with height and depth adjustment, front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera, cruise control, heated electric mirrors, power windows for driver and passenger, heated front and rear seats, 8-inch color touch screen multimedia system (navigation, Bluetooth, USB port, AUX input), audio system with 8-9 speakers, power windows on all doors,
Technical characteristics of the new crossover MG GS: the novelty is built on a new modular platform by SAIC, a motor with a fully independent suspension architecture (McPherson strut front, multi-link rear), electric power steering, disc brakes. In front-wheel drive base, optional all-wheel drive system connected to rear-wheel drive when the front slippage.
From the start of sales, the new crossover is planned to be equipped with a four-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine 1.5 TGI TsT (169 hp 250 Nm). The motor can be paired with a 6 manual transmission or a DCT robotic gearbox with 7.
According to the manufacturer, the dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / h is about 9 seconds, the maximum speed is 190 km / h, fuel consumption in mixed driving mode is 6.6 liters (according to Chinese motorists, at least 8.3-8.5 liters).
In the future, it is possible that a more powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine 2.0 TGI TST (220 hp 350 Nm) will be installed under the hood, which is paired with 6 DCTs. The more powerful engine accelerates the crossover from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds and allows it to reach a top speed of 208 mph. Claimed fuel consumption is from 7.9 to 8.3 liters per hundred.
Also consider installing a petrol four-cylinder 1.9-liter engine (150 hp 350 Nm) in the engine compartment, paired with a 6 manual transmission.
By the way, combinations of engines and transmissions can be different. That is, buyers will be able to choose one of three gearboxes: 6-speed gearbox, 6 or 7 DCT DCT.
In the plans of the Morris company garages, implemented in the current 2016 in the UK market, about 700-800 copies of the new crossover, and in the future by 2017 at least 1000.

Mg test HS 2016-2017 video

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