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Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?


Most autotourists would like to have their own motor home. And not the fact that new, but at least in good condition. Consider several popular inexpensive transport options for autotourists. We will update these options as needed.

I will make a reservation – it is important that the motorhome has a shower. Sometimes this is more relevant than the toilet, which can be found under any bush. But not everyone dares to swim in a cold mountain river after climbing! Therefore, only options with a shower are considered.

Motorhome, aka camper.

Let’s see what the popular Drom.ru offers us from inexpensive models. I will make a reservation that we will consider models for which the valiant traffic police will not fine us and which do not require changes in the design of the car.

Motorhome Isuzu Elf Bridge 4 WD in Vladivostok, 2005 – 1,300,000 rubles.

Sleeps 6, five-step, 4800 cubic mm. Kitchen, bedroom, shower with toilet, refrigerator, gas heating – everything is present, all-wheel drive.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

As we can see, even the corners of entry and exit are surprisingly large enough. By eye: entrance 23 degrees, exit 25 degrees. You can even ride along gullies with small pits, and not just get up on specially equipped sites along the tracks.

The alternative is a 2001 Mitsubishi model. Motorhome Mitsubishi Canter, price – the same 1,300,000 rubles.

The engine is the same. Richer equipment, retractable outdoor awning. But you won’t go far on it either – the chassis won’t allow it. The corners of the exit-entry are small, the base is long.

You can ride exclusively on asphalt and good graders, stopping at the observation decks.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

Can be purchased under the order in the same Vladivostok.

Trailer with shower, kitchen, foreign and not too old.

A whole bunch of different types of trailers. The problem with large trailers is a solid weight that will not allow you to attach to any car. Restrictions for the same category “B without a trailer": either a trailer up to 750 kg, or more, but in total with a car – up to 3500 kg.

2004 Avondale caravan 4-5 seats with mover. — 460000 r. in Vladivostok.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

Inside, everything is openwork:

  • External dimensions 2.15/5.50m+ 1.0m drawbar
    Height 2.45/1.95m
    Indoor module 2.05/5.10m
  • 4-5 people
  • weight 1100 kg.

The weight is already on the verge, but there is everything you need – sleeping bags, a full kitchen, a lot of space, a shower, a toilet, heating, a refrigerator.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

Agree, it’s a completely acceptable option, even if you have to add 100 thousand to the hodovka and refinement … but where will it go? The wheels are small, the weight is significant, the overhang is huge. If only it didn’t scratch the asphalt.

…To be honest, the price is embarrassing. I think that the unused version will be more expensive.

Pickup insert. Camper Lance 845 in the back of a pickup or truck, 2002, USA – 700,000 rubles.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

Such a residential module is suitable for large pickups – Tundra, Navara, F-150 …

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

A huge plus of such a module will be the ability to leave it at the parking lot, and most quickly hit the road to the store, to reconnaissance or somewhere else! Naturally, if he has jacks …

Similar booths can be bought on the domestic market. A new one, equipped to the maximum, costs from 1,200,000 re. But we agreed that we will also consider used products in good condition.

There are enough similar kungs on German sites – from very short ones, only with a kitchen and a sleeping bag, to huge ones that are put INSTEAD OF a body. They also have a place to be, but we will pay attention to those that are placed as a load and do not cause an acute attack among traffic police officers.

German options with a shower from 1000000 re, without customs clearance.

Where to use such products?

Everyone understands that one should stock up on such equipment, having thought it over well: where to go, how much, along which road, where to defend, what the service will result in.

Here we do not consider the option when money is like a fool’s candy wrappers. Then you can combine all the options on the basis of the truck and the problem will be solved. Successful solutions based on KAMAZ — from 6 mln.


Needed to uncontrollably travel across the expanses of the country and abroad. Not everyone can afford an expensive and good model. Rental companies offer to buy for a while and pay from 15,000 to 25,000 conventional units per day – a dubious pleasure for someone who rides only along big roads. In this case, you can ride a sedan, and relax by renting a room in a picturesque place near the highway. Even with a transfer to a GAZ 66 it will be cheaper than with a rented car. And only certain models will allow you to move off the asphalt – the same one based on Isuzu Elf. A huge disadvantage of motorhomes is limited functionality. It will have to be purchased and used 2-3 times a year. The rest of the time, your 1.5-3 million will stand in the parking lot, spending money on it, insurance and maintenance. You can, again, rent to the suffering, but I don’t think you want your invested money to be full sausage.


Also an option for limited use. There are people (someone even sent me a photo) who drive Audi A3 even on dirt roads to Altai. Actually, this says it all – A3 will pass normally. Convenient – I arrived and settled down on a camping site. The main thing is that a flat road should be laid there and two cars could pass along the road. I can’t imagine such a caravan on the way to the Karagem breakthrough.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

Or near the village of Inegen, for example, along the Katun.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

It’s not even that the trailer will not pass here. Maybe it will be possible to scrape it and drag it through, but it will definitely not be possible to deploy it, in which case! In all other cases – a worthy option for recreation. The main thing is not to climb where the wolves are f* cking afraid! And you can leave it safely in the garage, at a friend’s house, in some warehouse – not so expensive. And then you go by car. It will take 1 day to prepare for the trip, including filling up with liquids, charging with gas and batteries. And you can attach and unhook in minutes and you are free again, like a bird!

Pickup module

A tempting option. For those who are not against the pickup itself in everyday life. It is tempting precisely because it is easily removed from the body, and transported as cargo, does not require maintenance or any kind of maintenance in general. The main thing is to choose the right option that will not overload your car and allow you to climb to the very wolves. The weight of a normally equipped module is 600-800 kg. Even at the pass, such as Katu-Yaryk, you can pass, if necessary, passing back or even turning around at the rounding of the road.

Motorhome, Trailer or Camper in a pickup truck?

By the way, if the exit angle is not violated due to the part of the module hanging behind, it will be possible to drive almost everywhere where the stock car passes. I wouldn’t dare to lift it anymore – the load is already high. In general, a good option!

And what to choose – YOU decide! The main thing is the correct TK.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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