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11 minuses and 14 pluses of Lada Vesta, which were revealed by the owners. I talk about them


In our country, Lada Vesta is in good demand. In 2020, it ranked second in sales. But in the first half of 2021, it dropped to 3rd place, with an indicator of 57.031 cars, which is 17.4% more than what was sold by West in the first half of 2020, giving way to Lada Largus in second place.

But today I want to talk not about sales of Lada, but about what are the main minuses and pluses that the owners of Lada Vesta revealed.

Let’s start with the cons

  • Build quality jumps from car to car. But this can be attributed only to cars that were produced in the first 3 years. Many West owners, having traveled 70-80 thousand kilometers, encountered only minor breakdowns, which were fixed under warranty. And someone, already at 40-50 thousand, faced more serious problems: engine repair, breakdown of a manual gearbox, climate control control unit. I myself am the owner of Vesta SV Cross on a CVT, a more detailed review, after a year of ownership, I wrote in this article.
  • Lack of automatic transmission. Many potential buyers of Vesta refuse to buy it, precisely because of the lack of an automatic transmission. The variator is not particularly trusted, but they do not want to take the mechanics.
  • Mechanical transmission. Often, owners complain about the howl of a mechanical box, especially noticeable at speeds over 90 km / h.
  • Mechanical transmission. There are also complaints about the inclusion of reverse gear. Someone is faced with the problem of turning it on the first time, you have to survive the clutch twice. In the dealer service, they shrug their shoulders and answer that this is a design feature.
  • Until 2020, the door stops are rather weak and do not hold the doors in the middle position.
  • The paintwork is weak, but on the other hand, this is a budget car and the Koreans are also not famous for their thickness.

11 minuses and 14 pluses of Lada Vesta, which were revealed by the owners. I talk about them

  • Security. Vesta does not have side curtain airbags, when competitors, in certain configurations, equip cars with them.

  • Fuel consumption. For engines with a capacity of 106 horses and 122 horses, fuel consumption is higher than that of the main competitors by 1-2 liters.

  • Oil consumption. Only the VAZ-21179 engine with a volume of 1.8 liters per 122 forces suffers from this ailment.

  • Service. With the H4Mk engine, changing spark plugs is a rather problematic task. To do this, you need to remove the exhaust manifold.

Now let’s move on to the positives.

  • In the most basic configuration, there is already a system of exchange rate stability.
  • There is a station wagon in two versions, when competitors offer either a sedan or liftback body.
  • The largest cabin in the class. And this is so, neither Rio nor Polo can boast the same interior dimensions as Vesta. There is the most space in the back row of seats and you can comfortably sit behind the wheel without worrying that the passenger behind you will rest against the back of the chair with his knees.

11 minuses and 14 pluses of Lada Vesta, which were revealed by the owners. I talk about them

  • The side mirrors are large and have good visibility.
  • The driver’s seat is very comfortable, there is an adjustable lumbar support and a lot of adjustments.
  • Clearance 17.8 cm and 20 cm for the Cross version. Competitors have not come close to such indicators.
  • Lada Vesta in a sedan body, you can buy from the factory at LPG.
  • Comfortable and energy-intensive suspension, it stands well in corners and there are no rolls.
  • Large trunk.

11 minuses and 14 pluses of Lada Vesta, which were revealed by the owners. I talk about them

  • Not bad soundproofing, for a class B car.
  • Starts well in cold weather. I started my Vesta without any problems in any frost, from minus 30 to minus 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The VAZ-21129 engine has a plug-in piston since 2018, the cylinder block is cast iron, more reliable and maintainable, compared to aluminum blocks of competitors.
  • A very large selection of configurations, according to taste, color and quantity of funds. Anyone can choose a car for themselves, if they have the right amount.
  • Vesta is cheaper than class B competitors by 100-150 thousand conventional units, but for some this is a decisive factor

Conclusion: I can personally say from my own experience, yes, there are nuances, but what car doesn’t have them? It’s definitely worth your money. Someone will say that the price for it is unreasonable, but let’s be honest, what is the price justified today? Everything rises in price, products, housing and communal services, equipment, cars. It’s just that our country’s problem is low salaries, if they grew the same way, every month, as the prices for everything, then such questions would not arise.

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