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BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet


Today I will talk about an unusual car, which is seriously different from those that can be found on city roads every day. I have the daring and fast 2020 BMW X5 M crossover on test. Despite the fact that the index of the standard version is G05, the index F was left for the M modification (the version is designated F95). Apparently, this was done in order to highlight the "pumped" version of the crossover. True, in my opinion, the letter "M" is already quite eloquent.


From every element of the body of the BMW X5 M emanates strength and masculinity: I am sure that the designers deliberately made its exterior so aggressive. The sharp forms are emphatically brutal, and the huge “nostrils" of the false radiator grille (which many do not like in the usual X5) look quite appropriate here; in addition, they are painted black. This crossover has its own body kit, arch extensions and a spoiler: everything suggests that we have in front of us the fastest BMW crossover in the history of the German brand.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet


Formally, the M version of the X5 appeared in the back of the E70 in 2009. But in fact, even in the 53rd body there were hints of "hot" crossover options. In 2002, a 4.6is modification appeared with a 347 hp engine. with. and acceleration to “hundreds” in a long 6.5 seconds. In 2004, an even more charged version appeared, equipped with a 4.8-liter engine with 360 “horses” and acceleration to 100 km / h in 6.1 s. For those years, the figure was quite good. Demand motivated the Bavarians to present a full-fledged M-version already in the new E70 body. A 4.4-liter V8 engine was installed here, which produced an impressive 555 hp. with. and 680 Nm of torque. With such a motor, the crossover accelerated to “hundreds” in 4.7 s.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

In the next F15 body (which in the M version bears the F85 index), the output of the 4.4-liter engine has already been increased to 575 horsepower and 750 Nm. The dynamic characteristics of the crossover also improved: the car accelerated to 100 km/h in 4.2 s. But, as it turned out, this is not the limit, because the engineers managed to remove 600 “horses” from our X5 M F95 from the same working volume, and acceleration to the first 100 km / h already takes some 3.9 s.

We should also not forget that these characteristics are valid for the “ordinary” X5 M. After all, there is also a special version of the Competition, the engine of which produces 25 hp. with. more power, due to which acceleration to 100 km / h is faster by 0.1 s.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

In addition to increased engine output, the Competition version features a more advanced exhaust system, as well as a modified rim pattern. In addition, the Competition can be identified by the black grille (this can be ordered separately in the regular X5, but not in the Emka).

Competition also features seat belts with M-style stitching, an Alcantara headlining, different upholstery and the presence of an M-Track mode, in which all active safety assistants are turned off.


Of particular note are two special buttons that appeared on the steering wheel. They are responsible for the memory settings. For example, you can program one for "comfort", using this mode as the main one, while the other – for "sport". So if necessary, by pressing the button twice, you immediately reconfigure all systems for a sporty style. I am sure that you will be at least the first to leave the traffic light, and few will be able to compete with you.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

I also want to note the excellent seats that perfectly hold you in sharp turns. In addition, they are very comfortable, and the adjustments are so extensive that you can even customize the upper back (not to mention the more familiar adjustments).

Thanks to the LED lighting on the front panel and door cards at night, the interior acquires a completely different atmosphere. It even seemed to me that for such a “serious” car it was too much. I never liked BMW just because of such "flirtations": too catchy, too colorful, too bright. On the other hand, it is precisely because of these “too” that people are ready to buy BMW M-series. True, in the first place they pay for excellent dynamics, and already in the second – for everything else, including practicality.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

Speaking of practicality. This crossover, despite fine-tuning just for a “hot” ride, provides a cozy interior with excellent visibility. It is comfortable to sit here, the internal ergonomics are verified, the materials are of high quality. Even carbon inserts do not look out of place here. The cute gear lever in this BMW fits comfortably in the hand (and it’s also not crystal, like the X7 crossover, which is good).

It is also worth noting the excellent multimedia system. In the test of the standard BMW X5, we have already pointed out that both the functionality and its implementation in the multimedia system are up to par.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

The speaker system here “knows how to play along” with the exhaust: through the speakers you can hear the artificially synthesized sound of a sports roar from the exhaust units. On the other hand, a Bowers & Wilkins system is installed here, so any sound coming from its speakers will be as realistic as possible.

In any case, the interior of the BMW X5 M does not strike me as meticulously “German” as, for example, the Audi RS Q8. There is less restraint, but no less quality. A variety of options here are also no less: there would be enough money.

By the way, all the features of the X5 M are implemented in the X6 M model (after all, technically, and in terms of configurations), the cars are the same. In fact, these crossovers differ only in the rear part of the body: due to the drop-down roof, the X6 M has a second row of seats that is far from record-breaking in terms of space, as well as a trunk reduced in volume.

Engine and box

Under the hoods of the X5 M and X6 M, a 4.4-liter V8 engine with two turbines is installed; it is paired with a ZF gearbox. This is a classic torque converter automatic transmission for 8 gears, but, unlike many car companies that use gearboxes from this manufacturer, the control electronics of the box were already adjusted by BMW specialists. The "automatic" has three shift modes, so you can choose how hard "kicks" you get from shifting gears. All this actually works, and I like the subtlety of customization. In a word, this is exactly the “such” combination of engine and gearbox, which in theory should provide 3.8 from acceleration to “hundreds”.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

Acceleration and dynamics

In this test, I had to check the overclocking figures declared by the manufacturer, otherwise the test would have been incomplete. With Launch Control activated, this BMW accelerated to the first 100 km / h in 3.81 seconds (that is, confirmed the declared dynamics). I note that one of the main competitors of this car – the Audi RS Q8 – was able to pick up the same speed in only 3.95 seconds (which is slower than the result declared by the manufacturer). Moreover, the measurements of both cars were made using the same device, and the weather conditions were very similar. Bravo, Bavarians!

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

True, if you want even more dynamics, you better pay attention to the BMW M5. The same engine and gearbox are installed in the sedan, but it exchanges the first “hundred” for half a second faster. In addition, by activating Drift Mode, you can turn off all-wheel drive, so that all 750 Nm of torque will be transmitted only to the rear wheels.

Crossovers don’t have that option. One can only assume that this function will be added to them during restyling. Perhaps such a decision will directly depend on the availability of the function in the competitor Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 S (after all, the S-versions of Mercedes sedans have such a mode).

Behavior on the road

The BMW X5 M handles (as you might expect) just fine. The traditionally thick “emochny” steering wheel, as it were, hints that you can enter the corners that are familiar to you a little faster. The suspension willingly clings to the asphalt with all wheels, so in normal driving mode, the first feeling is safety. But in sports mode – a completely different matter! The chassis is “clamped”, and at any roundabout you immediately understand that it would be easy to put this crossover into a small controlled skid. And if the road surface was still wet, then Drift Mode could not be remembered.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

But thanks to the rather high body and not the most rigid suspension behind the wheel of the F95, you still understand that you won’t be able to deceive physics: a very sharp steering wheel, combined with a high center of gravity, requires increased attention during active driving. Of course, in fast, tight corners, the front inner wheel does not come off the pavement (like the X7), but the feeling of excess weight is still there.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

Here it is necessary to make a reservation that in the Audi RS Q8 this feeling is even more pronounced, and in general, the BMW “sticks” to the road better than the Audi. That’s why I don’t think crossovers are well suited for track riding or road bumps. But what such cars are best suited for is for lightning-fast acceleration at traffic lights, because this BMW rides incredibly in a straight line. The thrust of the engine is locomotive.

The eight-speed “automatic” ZF, even in comfort mode, switches very quickly, and the reactions to pressing the gas pedal are lightning fast. For example, when you are moving steadily in seventh gear, when you sharply press the accelerator pedal, the box will drop not one or two gears, but four at once.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

The brake system is equipped with six-piston calipers that perform their function perfectly. Even on long descents, no matter how many times I had to press the pedal to the floor, they did not lose their effectiveness.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

Competitors and Conclusions

Even the basic version of the BMW X5 M will cost the buyer 115 thousand euros. True, for this class of cars, such a cost is far from sky-high. For a well-equipped version of the Competition, they will already ask 160 thousand rubles.

It would be possible to raise the issue of fuel consumption, but why? It is clear that the 4.4-liter engine with two turbines is not a story about environmental friendliness and economy. Don’t forget that the BMW X5 M (especially in the Competition version) is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet. Only the Lamborghini Urus and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (with rates of 3.6 s and 3.7 s, respectively) are exchanged faster than the first “hundred” only, but their price tag is much higher.

BMW X5 M is one of the fastest crossovers on the planet

There is also a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with acceleration dynamics to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, which is really incredibly fast. But the Trackhawk is a special case: the crossover will lack the friendliness that BMW provides.

The "hot" crossovers Mercedes-Benz GLE AMG 63 and 63 S were introduced to the market quite recently, and the acceleration of the more powerful version declared by the manufacturer is exactly the same as that of BMW – 3.8 s.

The last competitor is the Audi RS Q8, which I have already mentioned more than once today. It has many advantages, but it is not without its shortcomings. For example, it is still a little slower than this BMW. But the price of this crossover will be 10-12% lower than that of a regular BMW X5 M in the basic version.


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